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  1. Amount of Child Tax Credit per qualifying child will be double from $1,000 to $2,000 in 2018.
  2. Credit amount that is refundable will be up to $1,400. If your earned income is greater than $13,833 (subject to phaseout threshold below) and you have children under 17 years old, you will get a refundable tax credit of $1,400.
  3. The phase out threshold of this credit is over $240,000 for Single, and over $440,000 for Married filing jointly.
  4. Workers can save up to $5,000 in pretax dollars in a dependent care flexible spending account to cover costs for qualifying dependents.

Bottom Line – It may be a good idea for a stay home parent to work at least part-time to have some earned income to offset some child care costs,  and to take advantage of the increase Child Tax Credit with refundable amount of $1,400.

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