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Large and in C.H.A.R.G.E. – Meet the dragon boat team of the CAACF

Every year at the Orlando International Dragon Boat Festival, dragon boat teams glide across waters in a race for the top spot, but one team is charging toward the finish line. Formed in June 2010, C.H.A.R.G.E. Dragon Boat Team is an Orlando-based dragon boat team stemming from the Chinese American Association of Central Florida. Their mission is to promote the ancient Chinese sport of dragon boat racing in...

25th Annual CASPAF Conference

Photos: C.K. Lau (To view the photo album, visit www.facebook.com/asiatrend) The Chinese American Scholars and Professionals Association celebrated its 25 years by hosting a conference featuring several panel discussions including “Partnership Building Between Academic & Industries”, “Modeling, Simulation & Training (MS&T)” and “Lake Nona Medical City: Collaboration Driving Innovation”. The conference took place at Hyatt Regency Orlando, Research Park at the University of Central Florida and Sanford Burnham Medical Research...

REACH of Central Florida Bowling Social

REACH of Central Florida
Photos: C.K. Lau (To view the photo album, visit www.facebook.com/asiatrend) REACH of Central Florida hosted the Bowling Social at the Orlando Fashion Square StrikeOuts to reach out to new members. Over 60 REACH of Central Florida members and friends participated. Thanks Orlando Fashion Square Mall for hosting the event and the hospitality. The mission of REACH is to promote the Recognition and Experience of Asian Cultural Heritage by reaching out...

桜会/SAKURA-KAI: Japanese women community group of Central Florida celebrated 40th anniversary

On August 11th, Sakura-kai celebrated its 40th anniversary with a special luncheon at Rangetsu Japanese Restaurant of Lake Lily. Sakura means cherry blossom and Kai means a group in Japanese. Sakura-kai is a community group for Japanese women in Central Florida. About 50 members gathered from all over Central Florida to commemorate its long history. Many were long-time members, but some were second or even third generation family...

There She Is, Miss America!

Miss New York Nina Davuluri
Our talk with the second Asian-American to take the Miss America crown Last year’s Miss America pageant set history in the Asian-American community. The last two standing were Miss California Crystal Lee of Chinese descent and Miss New York Nina Davuluri of Indian descent. Nina Davuluri won the national crown and became the first Indian Miss America. Asia Trend was able to take part in her...

Interview with Mayor Teresa Jacobs

Mayor Teresa Jacobs
1. During your time as Orange County mayor, what were some of your favorite events that you attended for the Asian American Community? • Asian Pacific Heritage Month Kick here in the Orange County Administration Building ♦ Art exhibition, Distinguished Asian Award, proclamation ceremony • Buddha’s Birthday at Guang Ming Temple ♦ Bathing/cleansing, offerings, tea • Central Florida Dragon Parade & Lunar New Year Festival ♦ Mayor participated with the Orange County...

Mandarin – the most spoken language in the world

Chinese School of CAACF
The Times recently reported on the rise of Chinese- language instruction in American schools, a push supported by aid from the Chinese government. While language fads come and go, is the boom in Chinese language education going to last? Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world with 14.4% of world population speaking it, way ahead of Spanish with 6.15%. Photo: C.K. Lau (To view the...

Tzu Chi Foundation 3-in-1 celebration

Tzu Chi Foundation Orlando
In celebration of Buddha Day, Mother’s Day, and the 48th anniversary of Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, Orlando service Center held its annual Family Festival from 10am to 12pm on Sunday, May 11, 2014. Tzu Chi members and guests gathered in line first to bath the Buddha signifying the cleansing of one’s greed, anger and ignorance. Children then paid tribute and...

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month celebration in Melbourne

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is celebrated in May as mandated by Public law 102450 of the U. S. Congress and the White House annual Procla-mation to honor the achievements and contributions of Asian Pacific Americans with observances through appropriate programs, ceremonies and activities. Photos: C.K. Lau (To view the photo album, visit www.facebook.com/asiatrend) Last May 24th, Florida’s Space Coast Filipino-American Charitable...

Dueling Dragons Sparks Our Community

We are so proud of our Orlando community and its Dragon Boat efforts. Especially rewarding is our cops and teens Dueling Dragons teams.  Yes teams, as this year we have expanded to two boats of paddlers and lowered the age of our teen paddlers to middle school. Photos: C.K. Lau (To view the photo album, visit www.facebook.com/asiatrend) Founded in 2011, The Dueling Dragons...
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Russian Ballet Orlando
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