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Transformers x au
"Transformers" celebrating the tenth anniversary of Hollywood live-action movie, Au design project "au" celebrating 15th anniversary collaboration.  Au and Takara Tomy are projects to jointly develop mobile phone type deformed toys."INFOBAR OPTIMUS PRIME (NISHIKIGOI)" born in this project "INFOBAR MEGATRON (BUILDING)" "INFOBAR BUMBLEBEE (ICHIMATSU)" can be completely transformed into the robot mode from the portable mode which reproduced the design of the...


Let us enjoy reading this story of Three Yellow Ducks And The Grapes One afternoon smart Yellow Duck was walking through the forest and spotted a grapes vineyard. “Just the thing to satisfy my thirst,” he thought. Little Yellow Duck spent the whole afternoon indulging on grapes until eventually he got drunk and laid there naked to rest on its back. Two of little...

Maiko: Dancing Child

A film by Ase Svenheim Drivenes 70 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2015 Maiko Nishino's destiny was decided before she was born. Her name, Maiko, means dancing child. Her mother sold their house and car to send 14 year-old Maiko to the most prestigious dancing academies in Europe. Maiko knew she couldn't return to Japan as a failure. Now Maiko is 32 and at...

Domohorn Nyankle: Cats Anti-Wrinkle Cream

On April 1st, Cat lovers can buy the Domohorn Meowkle, a version of the very popular Japanese anti-wrinkle cream Domohorn Wrinkle designed specifically for your feline friends. Domohorn Wrinkle has been helping people fight the effects of aging on their skin for more than 40 years. Their line of anti-wrinkle products are quite high regard due in part to their use...

Let us enjoy the story of One Thousand Yellow Books Many years ago, the Council of Eighteen Sages convened in Heaven to discuss how to unite the nations of the world. “We put them to test’ and see if they are ready,” one said. After seven days and nights the Council of Sages found a solution - the Light of Redemption Book...

Manish’s Zodiac Signs Predictions – April 2017

Zodiac Signs Predictions
Aries (21 March – 19 April) - You will have the willpower and initiative to succeed in whatever you do. You should trust your instincts, let your intuition guide you. This period also heralds unexpected good news and represents self reliance and belief in your abilities. This could mean a job offer, promotion or business idea brought forward.  Change and...

WHAT IF? Challenge!

WHAT IF? Change The World? CHALLENGE! I believe that by asking the right questions in life we can do better as individuals and as societies. 'What if?' questions are not just hypothetical, they bring us to see the same from a new perspective and bring light to life. I present here a few ‘What if’ questions that popped up in my...


Let us enjoy the story of LITTLE YELLOW DUCK – LOOKING FOR MOMMY  One sunny morning little Yellow Duck together with his brothers and sisters followed their mother, taking a walk by the lake. At one point the mother entered the water. One, two, three, four, five little Yellow Duck’s brothers and sisters jumped into the water right after her. Little Yellow Duck...

Orange County Students Attend Mayor Jacobs’ Sixth Annual Youth Leadership Conference

Sixth Annual Youth Leadership Conference
Nearly 250 Orange County Public Schools students from 24 local high schools attended Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs’ sixth annual Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) at Valencia College’s west campus on March 11. Mayor Jacobs created the program for student leaders when she took office in 2011 in an effort to connect students with their local government. About 1,200 local...


  let’s enjoy reading another wonderful fable from 'The Adventures of Little Yellow Duck' Three Little Ducks Once upon a time there were three little ducks. One day a big bad crocodile saw the three little ducks while they danced and played (and cleaned the river band from plastic bags) and thought, “It has been a long time since I had a...
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