Saturday, November 18, 2017
SnowBean Cafe Grand Open


Global Peace Film Festival 2017

This year's Global Peace Film Festival will take place Sept. 18 - 24 at various locations around Orlando. According to the festival's site, the non-for-profit festival is used to "further the cause of peace on earth" and "connect expression – artistic, political, social and personal – to positive, respectful vehicles for action and change." A number of films will be played across...


TING about it! WHAT IF we could play games and change the world around us? WHAT IF we could build up a global database of tech and innovation companies and encourage startups to be part, learn from one another and to collaborate?   THE PROBLEM: In the digital age people disconnect from themselves and from one another. THE SOLUTION: TING - THE INNOVATION NATIONS GAME - A...

In LINE with Friends: A Visit to the LINE Friends NYC Store!

In the heart of Times Square, bright LED billboards draw the attention of people, both young and old, milling around the bustling junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. Reeling across the vibrant screens are cute and delightful animations of different creatures with names like Cony, Brown, and Sally—all part of the LINE Friends cast. At the prime location of...

Manish’s Zodiac Signs Predictions – Sep 2017

zodiac Signs
Aries (21 March – 19 April) - This is a strong time for tending to important details, creating budgets or plans, and thinking about priorities. You are especially industrious and come up with inventive ideas and practical solutions. It’s also a good time for personal magnetism. .Simplifying and organizing efforts can be very effective now, and purifying as well. You...

REACH-Out Field Day 2017

It all started with a question.  This past January, I sat across the table from REACH of Central Florida’s senior adviser as she asked me, “We have a lot of different events for REACH members to volunteer at.  If you could add any event to the ones we already do, what would it be?” I shifted in my seat as...

The Importance of Bible Studies in the Beginning of The AI Era

Are you there, God? It’s I, it’s me, I am AI. The introduction of values at the beginning of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) era through Bible studies as a basis for universal moral values and humanism is a social and national duty. Through Bible studies from a new angle we can learn and formulate best practices on AI technologies, to...

Cockpit-type gaming desk press release

Japanese company Beijing Co., Ltd. announced their latest innovation, the "long monitor arm", by their interior brand "Bauhutte (R) Bauhtete". This multi "monitor arm" allows them to build a cockpit-type gaming desk and puts the user in a sleeping position for a more comfortable experience. This gaming desk is form fitting to the user's budget, how large they want the...

Making a dream come true – despite hearing loss, a dancing star is born in China

Stäfa (Switzerland), June 12, 2017 – Sonova, the leading manufacturer of hearing care solutions worldwide, is inviting one of the best dancers in China to visit Switzerland and Germany. Tianjiao Zhang is making an appearance at Sonova’s annual general shareholders' meeting in Zurich on 13 June 2017 and another at a charity event near Munich on 16 June. Despite her...

Orlando Taiko Dojo Workshop Welcomes Vietnamese Students

Taiko workshop
A rain-dampened summer afternoon in Orlando, Florida brought Vietnamese Thuyen May Productions members to the Japanese Orlando Taiko Dojo where they were to learn the art of Taiko drumming. The dojo was located near the Florida Mall and in a quiet, serene business office area off La Quinta Drive. Over twenty Thuyen May members arrived in a sea of...


Shout Out For Selected Woman-Impact Startup Superheros It has been amazing for us to see She Loves Tech grow into a global movement - with She Loves Tech rounds held in China, Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia, Pakistan, Germany and Canada, the final three in the last weeks alone, with a full house audience in each location and top VCs attending to...
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