GWN Sarasota International Dragon Boat Festival


Central Florida Community celebrates Duanwu Festival with Dragon Boat Races & Dumplings

Duanwu Festival
This has been my third time participating and being a part of Asia Trend. This time, it was during the Duanwu Festival, a cultural experience that is celebrated all over the world and praised to this day as being exceptionally important to those who compete and join in on the fun of the festivities. Dragon Boat racing is an intensive, cooperative, and social sport....

The Closing Ceremony of Chinese School of CAACF was Successfully Held

Chinese School of CAACF
On May 19th. 2018, the closing ceremony of 2018 Spring semester of Chinese School of CAACF was held at the Lake Highland Prep School at Charles Clayton Campus to share memories, receive awards, as well as have performances. 130 students from Chinese School of CAACF, parents, Chinese School teachers, President of CAACF and Board of Directors attending this event.  Principal Mary Sheridan and President of CAACF, Tsuey Ing Lavender,...

Asian Cultural Festival Draws Thousands for Arts, Culture, and Food

Asian Cultural Festival 2018
In 1978, Congress declared May as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month in honor of Asian-American contributions in the United States. Central Florida’s diverse Asian community celebrated with an Asian Cultural Festival on May 12th hosted by the Asian American Heritage Council, which consists of 13 member organizations including the Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Indonesia, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese associations. Event hosted by the Asian American...

A Symbol of Peace and Unity at MegaCon Orlando 2018

MegaCon Orlando
This was my second time volunteering with Asia Trend Inc. and I am extremely happy that I’m now a part of the team. Along with promoting Asia Trend, our project was to create 千羽鶴(1000 origami cranes), and donate it to the Pulse Foundation; and the Japanese legend behind that creation is, by creating those 1000 cranes, one wish will...

REACH of Central Florida Continues to Give Back to Their Community

I still remember my first time volunteering with REACH as a seventh grader and trying to sell orchids to fundraise for REACH. Two years later, I was at my first board meeting. Our group of officer was small enough that we could all fit in one room. Since then, REACH has expanded tremendously, with over ten schools represented by REACH members and officers....

PhilFest 2018

PhilFest 2018
  “May I take your picture, please?” I asked Winnie, young woman wearing a lovely red and black satin gown, as she was entering the Festival. Later, I thrilled to the Bamboo Castanets performance by Sanlahi Dance group, which featured Spanish tinged guitar rhythms and Flamenco-influenced steps. On Saturday April 7, 2018 at the Philippine Cultural Enrichment Complex I attended...

Arab Festival Orlando 2018

Arab Festival Orlando 2018
Arab American Festival, a cultural heritage festival celebrating Arabic art, food, and traditions, was held at Lake Eola Park, Orlando on March 25, 2018. The festival is the area’s largest Arab American Cultural Festival. Vendors included Arabic Food, Arts & Crafts, Businesses and children activities. Arabic folk dances and Arabic pop music performances on stage attracted many to watch....

REACH Brighten Up the UAP Christmas Day

When beginning to collect toys at University High School’s Asian Student Association, a lot of the members were pleased to hear about how we’re starting to donate to United Against Poverty. We had first announced this through a club meeting and their positive reactions were apparent. Later when the meeting was adjourned, I was talking to a few of...

Vietnamese Dance Troupe Spends New Year Away from Home

Thuyen May Productions
Back in February, Thuyen May Productions celebrated Lunar New Year in a special way—away from home. Traveling approximately 600 miles from Orlando, Florida to Raleigh, North Carolina with seven families in tow, Thuyen May Productions had their first out-of-state performance to ring in the Year of the Dog. For many, it was the first time traveling for such an...

Thousands celebrate Lunar New Year at Dragon Parade

Dragon Parade 2018
This year, 2018, is the year of the dog! In the Chinese Zodiac, the dog is prized for its loyalty and honesty, traits that are great to have and are definitely worth honoring. In Orlando we are fortunate enough to have the "Dragon Parade Lunar New Year Festival", an annual event put together by Mills 50 -  City of Orlando Mainstreet...
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