Thursday, February 2, 2023
Orlando Taiko Dojo

Orlando Taiko Dojo recital

It all started two years ago, when someone said, “Let’s have Orlando Taiko Dojo recital.” Orlando Taiko Dojo is a nonprofit organization and has been performing traditional Japanese Taiko drumming at various local events...

The Taiwanese Turtle and the Betel Nuts

Once upon a time in the Island of Taiwan … A turtle had a happy life living in a green and orange rugged field, eating lettuce and carrots. One day, the turtle went for a walk...
Chinese School of CAACF 2015

Chinese School of CAACF 2015 Closing Ceremony

On May 9, over 300 students, parents, teachers and staff members of Chinese School of CAACF gathered at the Lake Highland Prep School at Charles Clayton Campus to share memories, receive awards, as well...

Best Parenting for Best Colleges

As an educational consultant who helps students and families with their college pursuits, I am often asked, “When is the best time to sign up for your services?” The easy response is “sometime during...
Snowbean Cafe_1017

Changing the World, One Pinyin at a Time

One author is trying to help readers across the world learn Chinese, starting with a children's book. Children’s book author Eugenia Chu began making up stories with her son at bed time, but she couldn’t...
elephant PLAY jAZZ


8 elephants wished to wake up the dreaming dragon. The 1st elephant said: “let’s do the elephant’s dance and shake her up gently.” So they did until the 8th elephant said: “Stop! It will take a...


THIS IS MY STORY TO TELL PART 1 - MORAL STORIES – WHY WE NEED THEM Stories, such as moral stories, have the power to shape mankind’s destiny. Some stories have survived time and are able...

How to define Creativity?

There are many ways we can define creativity, so what is it exactly? Image: kingamela from the book 'G -The Journey To Ludoland' So you think you can better define CREATIVITY? Watch this video and see what other...
FCIM health tips

8 Heat Pack Application Health Tips

Here are 8 easy and useful applications for heat packs you can do at home! Remember, a moist heat pack that's warmed in hot water or microwaved may cause burns on the skin, and must be used with caution!...

Vote for a Cause

What if we all could vote for causes we care for??? Voting has been used as a feature of democracy since the 6th century BC, when democracy was introduced by the Athenian democracy. Many of...
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