A new Ad by Toyota highlights Japanese Sumo and Art

Toyota Japan

Toyota Japan has recently released an advertisement featuring seven Sumo wrestlers. For most of the video we see the Sumo running in a line across Los Angeles. During their travels, they imitate some safety features of Toyota’s new care line-up which are narrated in Japanese and then English. At the end, we see the same features illustrated in traditional Japanese art called Ukiyo-e (lit. meaning “pictures of the floating world”). Interestingly, Sumo wrestlers were one of the common depictions in Ukiyo-e.

Toyota Japan Toyota JapanIt’s a clever ad that celebrates some of the cultural (and language) background of the Japanese company, which isn’t usually acknowledged when they market in the States. At the same time, it’s fun, light-hearted and will probably put a smile on your face.

Check it out:


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Kishan Solomon was born in Trinidad & Tobago and moved to the U.S. to persue higher education. Taking an interest in Asian Studies and Philosophy in particular, he focused his studies on Intercultural Communications. He visited Japan through an intensive cultural immersion course, and also taught English as a foreign language in China for a brief period as a volunteer. He believes there is value in appreciating diversity as well as unifying in a way that allows those differences to work together both beneficially and harmoniously. He also has an interest in international politics, history, dinosaurs and video games.