YouTube personality shares life adventures in Hong Kong

What is it like to live in Hong Kong? Perhaps this unique YouTuber can show you. Markian Benhamou is a 17-year-old YouTube personality currently living in Hong Kong with his family. His channel, Markian, is where he broadcasts his adventures. Since moving to Hong Kong from Spain in 2014, he has started capturing moments of what daily life is like in the South East Asian city. From tasting Chinese street foods to presenting the latest local trends, Markian brings in a refreshing perspective on Hong Kong as he adapts to the culture day by day. Being a fun and energetic teen, he is certainly creative about video ideas. Markian is not shy to bring it onto the street as he always comes up with different ways to interact with local people such as pranks, social experiments, and his Smile Talk series. To anyone who love dynamics, fun and diversity, Markian’s channel is definitely what you need to go on.


Why did you and your family decided to move to Hong Kong?

My family and I moved to Hong Kong last year for the experience. Hong Kong is a great introduction to Asian culture and we have learnt so much about this other side of the world. I strongly recommend people to visit Hong Kong for the same reasons.

How many countries have you traveled to as of now? Which country is your favorite and why?

My family loves to travel so I don’t think I can count how many places I’ve been to! Climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania was an incredible adventure because of the totally different environment you are in. I really enjoyed visiting cities in Japan like Tokyo and Koyasan because we were completely lost in everything we did! You are there to explore.

What was your motivation to open up a YouTube channel?

I created my channel to support my business Subscriber Club is a website where subscribers can interact with their favorite Youtubers so it’s important that I build a following and be more involved in the Youtube community.

What are your inspirations for videos?

Moving to Hong Kong and discovering so many new things has provided a lot of video ideas. For the rest, you just have to be really creative and brainstorm ideas. My channel is know for a series I do called Smile Talk which consists of sunny ‘small talk’ public interactions to make people smile.

Where do you see your YouTube channel in the foreseeable future?

Markian BenhamouWith the growth of Subscriber Club and Smile Talk, I can see my channel reaching a much larger audience who enjoy my online personality and watch my videos to bring a smile. However, it’s not going to be so easy to get noticed on Youtube with all of the competition so I have to be extra creative!

For the second half of the interview, Markian has recorded a video of “Being A Foreigner in Hong Kong”:

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