Nissin CUP NOODLE 日清 カップヌードル – World famous popular instant noodles from Japan


You may have seen in grocery stores, may have tasted, or may even be regularly eating the Japan’s famous noodles that can be ready to eat in three minutes after pouring hot water; CUP NOODLE. Today, there are so many different flavors in Japan, yet my most favorite is still Seafood Noodle.

In 1958, Momofuku Ando 安藤百福 invented instant noodles “Chikin Ramen” (chicken noodle soup) as the first instant ramen noodles.

In 1970, Nissin 日清 formed the subsidiary Nissin Foods (USA) Co. Inc., to sell instant noodles in the United States.

In 1978, Nissin Foods offered new Top Ramen and Cup Noodes varieties, pioneering new paths in the rapidly growing instant ramen noodle category.

Momofuku Ando
Momofuku Ando 安藤百福

In 1998, Cup Noodles Hot Sauce Varieties introduced (Beef, Chicken, Shrimp).

Instant noodles in Japan are often sold in foam bowls that are inexpensive, disposable, light, and easy to hold, since they insulate heat well.

Different flavors are available in other parts of the world, such as tom yum in Thailand, crab in Hong Kong, Bolognese sauce in Brazil, etc.

Let’s take a look at the varieties of flavor available in Japan.

Cup Noodle was developed by Momofuku Ando 安藤百福 who is the founder of Nissin Food Products 日清食品, an entrepreneur and an inventor. He developed the world’s very first instant noodles ‘Chicken Ramen’ and the very first cup noodles ‘Cup Noodle’. He brought a big revolution to food culture in Japan and in the world. He never retired until he passed away at the age 96 (in 2007). The  secret of his longevity and health were “playing golf twice a week and eating Chicken Ramen lunch every day”, said Momofuku.

Nissin Cup Noodle

With Japan still suffering from a shortage of food in the post-war era, Momofuku was inspired to invent easy, quick nutritious nonperishable food. The trend convinced him that “peace will come to the world when all its people have enough to eat.”

2014 U.S. Open finalist Kei Nishikori
honored on ‘Cup Noodle’
To honor Nishikori’s run to the final, Nissin
released special limited edition of Cup Noodle
featuring Nishikori on the packaging in
September in Japan. Nishikori has graced the
cups (Seafood Noodle) in 2012 as well.