Hsieh and Shuai win Wimbledon women’s doubles title


Su-Wei Hsieh and Peng ShuaiWomen’s Tennis Association (WTA) players Su-Wei Hsieh from Taiwan and Peng Shuai from the Mainland partnered in the women’s doubles competition. Together they won the Wimbledon women’s doubles finals. It is also a successful model for Cross-Strait cooperation. Su-Wei Hsieh became the first player from Taiwan to win a Grand Slam title. Hsieh and Shuai, both 27 years old, have been friends since their junior days.

Su-Wei Hsieh played the net and Peng Shuai played the baseline, adopting an up-and-back strategy that permitted both offense and defense.

Su-Wei Hsieh was born in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Hsieh first picked up a tennis racket when she was only 5 years old. Her talent has been obvious since childhood. Peng Shuai was born in Xiangtan, Hunan. The two are the same age. They have known each other since childhood, when the two met and competed on the tennis court. The two became life long friends. The two have each experienced career ups and downs. In singles competition, Peng Shuai has fared somewhat better. The highest she has ranked is 14th. The highest Su-Wei Hsieh has ranked is 23rd. She has never reached the top ranks.

Between 2008 and 2009, Su-Wei Hsieh and Peng Shuai partnered in four matches and won four victories. They easily won four championships in Indonesia, Australia, Italy, and Mainland China. Later on, during their golden years, the two chased after their own dreams. For four years, each pursued solo victories. This year however, the two players’ parents encouraged the two to once again work together. The two recently won the women’s doubles championship in Italy, offering us a preview of their upcoming success at Wimbledon.