World’s tallest Christmas tree in Sri Lanka


The tree, intended to be 73 m (238 ft) tall in the capital Colombo. Making a Guinness World Record.  The tree’s steel-and-wire frame is covered with a plastic net decorated with more than 1 million natural pine cones painted red, gold, green and silver, 600,000 LED bulbs and topped by a 6-meter (20-foot)-tall shining star.

The tree costs $80,000 and was criticized by the Catholic Church as a “waste of money.” The church suggested that the funds better be spent on helping the poor.


Mangala Gunasekara, the artificial Christmas tree’s main organizer, said it was created with the hopes of promoting ethnic and religious harmony in a country that is 70 percent Buddhist, according to Sri Lankan census in 2011.  The country of roughly 20.48 million residents had a population of approximately 1.5 million Catholics.

The world’s tallest cut Christmas tree was created in 1950 at a shopping center in Seattle, Washington. The tree, which was a Douglas fir, was recorded to have stood 221-feet-tall.


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