Commitment. Effort. Sacrifice: SWEAT


SWEAT teamMeet SWEAT. This team really showed up at this years Walgreens Orlando International Dragon Boat Festival Presented by PepsiCo when they raised over $22, 000 in honour of four women close to their hearts.

1. When was your team formed and what is the story behind your team name? 

Our team was formed on September 22, 2012 and I remember that day distinctly.  I committed to having a boat for the Walgreens DB festival and racing for Breast Cancer without having one single paddler other than myself.  The event was only 4 weeks away and I needed to secure a team, find a time for us to practice, raise money for breast cancer and pull it off in only 4 weeks time.

Our team name is SWEAT, which is the name of my personal training studio. Our motto is Commitment. Effort. Sacrifice. And my people did just that. In a matter of days, we had people committed for the boat. We started fundraising money for breast cancer. We managed to set up 4 practices before race day. SWEAT is what we did for those 4 weeks. We worked to raise money, pushed during our practices and pulled together toward a cause that was near and dear to our hearts. It was this day that has stayed with me and the reason why we have continued to race since that day.

2. What separates your team from the rest? 

We are full of heart.  We pull together like no other.  When we are the underdogs of the competition, our commitment and drive always pulls us through.  We are hardcore.  We train hardcore.  We live and breathe to be the best and we give like no other.

3. To date, which has been the most memorable event for your team and why?

The Walgreens Orlando International Dragon Boat Festival this past October.  We dedicated that race to 4 women near and dear to our hearts who were all going through their own struggle with cancer.  We raised over $22,000 in their honor and we raced our hearts out.  We did not win, but we all came away with so much pride from achieving our goal and giving our SWEAT, blood and tears to those 4 women.  It was truly the best ever.

4. What is the team/club’s best racing time?

2:20 at the Roosevelt Regatta in Tampa this past weekend.  We are still a newer boat and I am so proud of how we fight together for the win.  We will get it!!

5. Which events are you attending in 2014?

The Roosevelt Regatta, The Space Coast Dragon Boat Festival, Walgreens Orlando International Dragon Boast Festival

6. What do you love most about the sport?

The camaraderie we share on our boat and the fact that, even though we only have a dozen or so practices under our belt, we never have had a complete boat for practices, but everyone gives their heart and soul the moment they step on that boat.  We race with our hearts, mind and muscle.  We are warriors and we get to show that on the water each and every time.  I couldn’t do it without the team. We are ONE for those 2 minutes and it is a beautiful thing to see and hear.

SWEAT team7. How do you get pumped up on race day?

We don’t really have a routine. I tell my people what’s expected of them and we just go out and do it.  No complaining.  No excuses.  It’s how we roll each day and we take who we are off of the water and just show up each and every time.

8. How does your team bond off the water?

We see each other daily for our workout beatings at SWEAT in College Park. We are a family and we support each other through anything. My mission of racing one time for a great cause has become 20 other people’s mission and I think that is a true bond that can’t be broken.