Desi Dhammal, Talents of South Asia

Desi Dhammal

On Friday November 3, the Pakistani Student Association at the University of Central Florida hosted their first ever Desi Dhammal, a talent show dedicated towards showcasing the talent of the South Asian community at the University of Central Florida. Acts for the evening ranged from traditional song and dance to more contemporary stylings, all of which were a pleasure to watch and made for a memorable evening. After the performances at Desi Dhammal, the attendees were fortunate enough to try classic South Asian foods such as Biryani and Gulab Jamun, a delightful end to a wonderful and eye-opening evening.Desi Dhammal Desi Dhammal

Despite being a relatively young organization, the Pakistani Student Association has been actively promoting Pakistani culture on campus through their meetings, events and vibrant displays of cultural dress and food. This spring they will be hosting their annual Basant Kite Festival which I and many other UCF students look forward to attending. I was fortunate enough to speak with the President of the Pakistani Student Association, Hina Khan, about the progress of her organization and what it means to her as a Pakistani-American to have a thriving cultural club. “It’s nice having a Pakistan Student Association on campus because it allows me to showcase the beautiful parts of my culture while also dispelling any stereotypes that people may have about Pakistan. I also feel that it gives international students a sense of belonging after feeling out of place”. Seeing more and more cultural organizations on campus is a heartwarming experience, it is reflective of the patchwork of cultures that makeup Central Florida and the energy and eagerness to preserve and share cultural traditions that are close to heart. I look forward to seeing Pakistani Student Association grow and continue to share the beautiful cultures of Pakistan with UCF and our community.Desi Dhammal Desi Dhammal

Article by: Khaled Itani
Photos: Sohaib Ahmed, PSA Historian Desi Dhammal