Asia Trend Inc Launches New Website to celebrate the 10th Anniversary


Asia Trend Social NetworkORLANDO – Asia Trend Magazine was founded in 2005 by three individuals together with countless amazing and passionate volunteers who come together to educate, connect and engage the community about the Asia’s history, arts and cultures.

After 120 issues of printing, Asia Trend has decided to expand the readership to the next level with a wider audience.  Asia Trend will go completely digital-only online and publish weekly updates instead of monthly starting this September 2015.  In addition, readers will receive the article, photos, and videos all in one place with just a click to share with your social network connections.

Asia Trend already has a strong social presence across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter and this focus will ensure this audience remains a key part of the Asia Trend portfolio.  Our mission of bringing you the latest and trendy Asian news will never change. Thank you for all the business sponsors in our community who will continue the venture with us. Thanks to the readers and volunteers who have been with us in all these years. You are the motivation that keeps us going.

Please visit to subscribe the Asia Trend so your Asian news will be sent to your inbox. Email us at [email protected] for your comments, suggestions, and article submissions. Let’s celebrate and together, we can make the history.