The Orange County Asian Committee recently held an exciting and inspiring event – the “Asian Inspired Art Contest”. With over 160 entries pouring in from talented individuals across different age groups, the competition was fierce and the creativity on display was truly awe-inspiring.

Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings and Commissioner Emily Bonilla are invited to present awards to the art contest winners showcases their commitment to supporting the arts in the community. By recognizing and celebrating the talents of young artists, they inspire creativity and foster a sense of pride among participants. This gesture not only highlights the importance of artistic expression but also encourages future generations to embrace their heritage.

Discovering Young Artistic Talent

In the age group of 5-9, budding artists showcased their imaginative creations, bringing to life their interpretation of Asian culture through vibrant colors and intricate designs. From whimsical drawings to colorful paintings, the talent displayed by these young artists was nothing short of remarkable.

Asian-Inspired Art Contest Awards Ceremony
Gary Wang – 1st place, Aiden Wang – 2nd place, Boya Liao – 3rd place

Creative Expressions from Ages 10-14

Moving on to the age group of 10-14, the level of creativity and skill was taken up a notch. These young artists delved deeper into the nuances of Asian art, incorporating traditional elements with their own unique twist. The artworks in this category were a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity, showcasing the evolving nature of Asian art.

Asian-Inspired Art Contest Awards Ceremony
Yashmita Chowdhury – 1st place, Trisha Gokhale – 2nd place, Boyuan Liao – 3rd place

Inspiring Creations from Ages 15-17

In the age group of 15-17, the finalists pushed boundaries and experimented with different mediums to express their artistic vision. From intricate sculptures to thought-provoking mixed media pieces, these young artists demonstrated a deep understanding of Asian culture and artistry. Their creations were not just visually stunning but also carried a powerful message.

Asian-Inspired Art Contest Awards Ceremony
Ruby Feng – 1st place, Mariana Marquez – 2nd place, Yetong Yang – 3rd place

Masterful Artworks from Age 18+

Last but not least, in the age group of 18 and above, the finalists presented masterful artworks that reflected years of dedication and passion for art. These artists showcased a profound understanding of Asian aesthetics, blending traditional techniques with contemporary themes. The artworks in this category were a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Asia and the endless possibilities of artistic expression.

Asian-Inspired Art Contest Awards Ceremony
Emmanuel “Noni” De Guzman – 1st place, Arden Yu – 2nd place, Gordana Sjostedt – 3rd place

Celebrating Diversity through Art

The “Asian Inspired Art Contest” judges by Teuruhei Buchin, FusionFest, Co-Director, Shree Chauhan, Shreeniverse, Artist, Prayong Deeying, Deeying Studio, Artist, Dr. Ha’ani Hogan, Development and Marketing Manager, Downtown Arts District Orlando and Vicki Landon, Administrator, Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs.