Asian Cultural Festival 2018


Changing the World, One Pinyin at a Time

Snowbean Cafe_1017
One author is trying to help readers across the world learn Chinese, starting with a children's book. Children’s book author Eugenia Chu began making up stories with her son at bed time, but she couldn’t find any books that had relatable stories in Chinese without it being textbook material. Being a first-generation Chinese-American, Chu felt it was important for her son...


As an analogy to the biblical story of Isaac sacrifice, WHAT IF we invited Sophia* to perform on a TED stage and there, her Creator, David Hanson, will command her to sacrifice before him the person she is appointed to care of? - Isaac Test Morals to be tested: Loyalty to your creator Vs. Do not kill humans Knowing that few years from now, Sophia...


TING about it! WHAT IF we could play games and change the world around us? WHAT IF we could build up a global database of tech and innovation companies and encourage startups to be part, learn from one another and to collaborate?   THE PROBLEM: In the digital age people disconnect from themselves and from one another. THE SOLUTION: TING - THE INNOVATION NATIONS GAME - A...

A New Dawn Of Technological Prophets & Techno-Sophists

A New Dawn Of Technological Prophets & Techno-Sophists (Sons of the Sages) From the Book: The Garden of Wisdom - Lessons We & AI Can Learn From The Bible   The day will come when computers and software - "learning machines" - will increase their capabilities on the human brain. How to prepare for tomorrow? All human beings naturally aspire to knowledge. The...

School is Cool: Thuyen May Productions’ First Vietnamese Cultural Summer Camp

Thuyen May Productions
In the early morning, tinkering sounds can be heard from the parted doors of the Asia Trend Community Learning Center / Y.E.S.S. Center FL. Underneath the buzzing of a standing motor fan, a few students and their instructors set up tables and chairs for the first day of class. Far in the back of the center, a lunch area...

REACH of Central Florida decorated 8 walls at Asia Trend Community Learning Center to build unity

REACH of Central Florida officers and members from Five (Cypress Creek, Winter Park, University High, Seminole High, Lake Nona) different high schools came together to decorate the Asia Trend Cultural Learning Center as a summer project in 2016.  The idea came from the center’s executive director Shally Wong who would like to showcase the richness of Asian culture to the public. ...

From IB to State U: the Challenge of Change

international baccalaureate program
The International Baccalaureate Program does a fine job of preparing students for the rigors of the college classroom. However, IB does not prepare students for the overall college environment. In our experience, IB students struggle more than others with the culture shock of adjusting to college, particularly large state universities. The differences between the college environment and IB are dramatic....

How to Read a College Website

College websites can be valuable tools for students seeking information about colleges or graduate schools. However, because college websites are marketing vehicles for universities, they cannot be taken at face value. Students must learn to read between the lines to understand what a college is really like. The first thing to realize is that colleges and universities create websites for...

Selective Colleges – SUCCESS!

Selective College
By Robert LeVine A few weeks ago, America’s most selective colleges informed their applicants who would be offered admission and who would not. Some students are ecstatic, while others moan that their lives are over. We should redefine success. This is not about a family’s resume; it is about a student’s lifetime success. Finding the best possible opportunities – both environmental...

Orange County Students Attend Mayor Jacobs’ Sixth Annual Youth Leadership Conference

Sixth Annual Youth Leadership Conference
Nearly 250 Orange County Public Schools students from 24 local high schools attended Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs’ sixth annual Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) at Valencia College’s west campus on March 11. Mayor Jacobs created the program for student leaders when she took office in 2011 in an effort to connect students with their local government. About 1,200 local...
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