Art and Dance Cultural Class Present to Students in Central Florida

Fo Guang Shan Cultural class
Group photo at the end of ink painting

On August 13, Fo Guang Shan Guang Ming Chinese School invited Haihua Culture and Education Foundation’s two teachers from Taiwan with the help of Ms. Maria Liu, Senior Expatriate Affairs Secretary of Overseas Community Affairs Council R.O. C. (Taiwan).

Fo Guang Shan Cultural class
Ms. Li Ruiqi and Mr. Xie Chengyan

Two volunteer teachers taught wonderful culture classes to us. Mrs. Li Ruiqi taught “plum blossom by ink-blowing” and Mr. Xie Chenyan taught “Taiwanese Aboriginal Dance.”  There were 30 participants from the Chinese School Adult and Children classes for this two-hour culture class. Ms. Li introduced the symbolic meaning of plums, orchids, bamboo, and chrysanthemums in Chinese culture. Then she explained the ink-blowing steps: first, everyone used straws to blow the ink for the main tree branch, then used a water painting brush to draw the plum flowers.

Fo Guang Shan Cultural class
Gloria zhuang head of the Orlando Foguang Choir with Shirley Xie’s family

Mr. Xie showed a Taiwanese Aboriginal Dance movie, then he explained the dance movements step by step.  Everyone followed the teacher’s demonstration and danced along with the music, following the steps. 

At the end of class, two teachers said that they were very happy to have a chance to come to Florida and share Chinese culture with everyone. “We love the clean air, the people are very enthusiastic, and we hope we can come back here to visit again.”  

Fo Guang Shan Cultural class
Mr. Xie lead teachers and students to learn Taiwanese aboriginal dance

Zhong Xiulan, Vice President of the International Buddha’s Light Association Florida Association said, “Ink-blowing plum blossoms is a very creative way of painting. Young or old, we all can learn. The result of the painting shows each of their own strong points. Also, I felt happy to get to know each other more while we were learning together.  Dancing is a good way of exercising. I enjoyed learning something new. I hope to take this kind of class again in the future.”

Fo Guang Shan Cultural class
End of Culture class group picture

Gloria Chu, leader of the Orlando Fo Guang Choir, said, “First, I was not confident about traditional Chinese painting since my childhood. However, I finished a beautiful plum flower by using this new painting method. Second, the Taiwanese Aboriginal Dance is a special style of dance indeed. I really enjoyed both the dance and the ethnic costume.”

Volunteer Wang Zijing of Fo Guang Shan Guang Ming Chinese School said, “Ink-blowing for plum blossoms is a creative way of painting. Each painting is unique, and it adopts an original approach. The modified Taiwanese Aboriginal Dance is a challenge for most people’s physical strength, but we all made it to the end! Thank you to the teacher for his patient explanation and demonstration.”    

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Fo Guang Shan Cultural class
Two teachers with superintendent of Guang Ming Temple Venerable Ruyuan