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The Flying Banana Smile Effect

When life conditions were fixed and shaped by tradition, nation and culture, men were supposedly forced to a specific lifestyle. In our times the power of those forces becomes weak and men’s independence and freedom grow. What once was used to be decided, chosen and shaped for the individual, with no option or choice, becomes in our days to a...

Differences Between Ivies

Every April, the media celebrates the novelty of those rare students who gain offers of admission to every Ivy League institution. As a result, most students and families assume that by applying broadly, they will improve their overall odds of attending one of the best colleges. It doesn’t work that way. Students who view elite schools as interchangeable suffer...

Bicycle Of Progress

Chinese_Buddhist Monk Electric Bike
I Want To Ride My Bicycle There is a story of a monk that went across the Chinese border with his electric bicycle with sacs of sand. All the customs officers suspected him that he smuggles something and every time they took the sacks and ripped them apart they have found nothing in them but sand. After months one of the customs...


One of the days Jacky returned to China after a long period where he was away; Jacky came to lay flowers on the grave of his mother. After he laid the flowers and prayed, he lifted himself and turned to leave. Then he noticed an old man placing a big bowl of rice on the grave of his wife. “Ah, so...

How to define Creativity?

There are many ways we can define creativity, so what is it exactly? Image: kingamela from the book 'G -The Journey To Ludoland' So you think you can better define CREATIVITY? Watch this video and see what other people had to say (filmed in Hong Kong) Now - Write your definition here and challenge us...   So what is Creativity? It can be telling a good joke;...

Asian-American lawyers reach out to youth about the legal field

On Saturday, April 23 2016 Asia Trend and Youth Enrichment and Senior Services collaborated with the Greater Orlando Asian American Bar Association (GOAAB) and hosted “Pathways in the Legal Profession”, an event targeted for high school students and anyone aspiring to work in the legal field. A panel of Asian-American attorneys including Michelle Ku, Christine Berk, Vanessa Braga, Lisa...

The Yellow Duck and the Crocodile

A yellow duck was on his way to meet with the Emperor in Peking and deliver him an important message. Right as he’s about to jump into the Yellow river to swim across and meet the Emperor’s people await him on the other side of the river band, a crocodile that was resting on the edge nearby called out to...

Local Volunteers Teaching English in Taiwan Mt. Ali

Chase Zen Foundation is a non-profit organization providing free English tutoring services to under privileged children abroad. This July, college students and volunteers are joining Chase Zen programs to service children abroad.   They will be traveling to Taiwan’s tallest mountain, Mt. Ali, to teach English. Many of the students in the rural elementary and middle schools are in need of learning...

The Importance of Tax Planning – A Case Study

Some people think tax planning only matters to the rich and the millionaires.  But with the complicated tax rules here in America, the following is a real case which shows that tax planning is equally important to the remaining 99%, even so for the low to medium income households, and small business owners. Mr. X is married with two children,...


THIS IS MY STORY TO TELL PART 1 - MORAL STORIES – WHY WE NEED THEM Stories, such as moral stories, have the power to shape mankind’s destiny. Some stories have survived time and are able to deliver universal messages transcending generations. This is my story to tell… Did you ever think about what is it in those stories that enabled them to...
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