2 Monkeys and a Fence


Two monkeys were planning to escape from the new zoo they had been transported. The first said: “If there is a low fence, we’ll jump on top.” The second replied, “If there is a high fence, we’ll dig under.”

One of the monkeys went to check the fence and returned disappointed with face fallen. “We cannot escape,” he said, “as there is no fence.”

Did these two monkeys seek to escape their own borders? And why? What are your borders?

We all have borders, individuals, religions, cities and nations. What for?

I believe that one doesn’t end where the other begins, as we all have much in common. So, go and break through your own physical, mental, spiritual and social borders. Go explore and find ideas that are breaking through borders, change lives and ultimately can change the world!

curiousitykilled the cat 1

Image: Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it surely didn’t kill the monkey.

With playful regards,