Asian American Heritage Week 2016


For the past several weeks, the Asian American student groups have been developing a plan for UCF’s first Asian American Heritage Week.   The effort is led by the Asian Pacific American Coalition with Filipino Student Association, Vietnamese American Student Association, Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Chinese American Student Association, Korean Student Association, as well as faculty advisor Karen Nguyen of UCF’s Neighborhood Relations and Safety Education office . The rich backgrounds, cultures, and talents of our diverse community strengthen our university, and benefit us all, so that each of us can demonstrate our personal responsibility to care for our fellow Knights from any and all backgrounds.

The 2016 Asian American Heritage week is the beginning, but they are planning a 2017 Asian American Heritage month, and they hope that this will involve Asian-American staff and faculty as well.  It will be a learning opportunity for all, and it will help the University to meet its objectives of inclusiveness, and of its recognition of the dignity of and respect for each individual.Asian American Heritage Week 2016 @ UCF

3/14: 7 pm:  UCF – Cape Florida, UCF Student Union

Opening ceremony for the Asian American Heritage Week festival.

This ceremony includes presenters from UCF sharing their vision for and expectations from the festival. Guest presenters are drawn from professionals representing western and non-traditional medical approaches to patient care and wellness.

The opening ceremonies also feature presentations from all Asian American student organizations at UCF, with groups introducing their own goals and aspirations, displaying cultural artifacts, and including some unique cultural performances.

  • 3/15:  7pm – 10 pm: Filipino Student Association meeting and fundraiser at the UCF Barbara Ying Center
  • 3/16:  7 pm – 10 pm:  Asian Pacific American Coalition – Asian Game Show – Jeopardy
  • 3/17:   7 pm – 10 pm: Vietnamese American Student Association and Filipino Student Association Dance Workshop at the Education building gym.
  • 3/18:   7 pm – 10 pm: Asian Pacific American Coalition with FSA, ASA, KSA, CASA, VASA, Pi Delta Psi, Delta Phi Lambda – A Taste of Asia – Lake Claire
  • 3/19:  6pm – 9 pm Cape Florida – Closing Celebration
    – Dining for Hope hosted by Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, and Vietnamese American Student Association
  • 3/20: 6pm – 9 pm – UCF Pegasus Ballroom Asian Student Association Pageant
    – 17th anniversary – Mr. and Miss ASA Pageant

For more information, contact Ayla Arshad, President of the UCF Asian Pacific American Coalition at [email protected] or advisor Karen Nguyen at [email protected]