Banana Paradiso


In this New Year of the Monkey 2016 I like to share a heavenly story that made it all the way from paradise.

The story Garden of Eden is considered to be one of the stories that influenced Western culture the most. Concepts such as heaven, the expulsion from Eden, the tree of life tree of knowledge of good and evil, the original sin, have become absolute assets of Western culture. The story Garden of Eden gives its own explanation to questions such as:

Why people work hard for their living? Why the snake is crawling on his belly? Why women suffer during labor? (If she is not injected with epidural.) Why we were expelled from Paradise?

The story of the Garden of Eden is not only religious but it is a story that provides insights into the psychology and philosophy of human nature and even of gender relations.

What is it in that story that makes it so appealing?

But wait a minute! First, I like to know, why is it that we conceive the fruit of knowledge as an apple? If at all, it is more likely to appear as a BANANA! Think of it, science have shown that man can live all of his life eating nothing but bananas.Banana Paradiso - ENG cover

A banana advice: a banana a day takes the stress away!

For me, I see the story of the Garden of Eden as a story of confusion and temptation, and of creativity and sexuality, embedded as they are one. It is about the embarrassment of being ‘intellectually naked’ meaning, ‘I know that I do not know’ and the lack of compliance with temptation, hunger and thirst for more knowledge. And so, to me, the story of the Garden of Eden is as appealing to all as it is an allegory of the human condition. Therefore the penalty represents a constant state of ambition toward knowledge, power and the divine. This is why the story relates directly to mankind’s endless search for eternal youth, eternal life and of eternal good.2

So my blessing to you my friends for the Year of The Monkey 2016 is to keep being ambitious… yet content!

Our success as a human species depends in our ability to place altruism as a supreme value, depends in our ability to cooperate, and depends in our ability to have trust in one another and in the system. In other words, our success depends in our ability to LOVE, ‘love the other as you love yourself’, as only pure love and forgiveness will open before us the gates of heaven – as heaven is a place on earth.

As we join together, forming networks of human concern about the future, we will find the strength and wisdom needed to create a better future for all, and trust me about the banana advice – a banana a day takes the stress away!

Raising humanity on a new path – It all starts with YOU.

Follow the link Banana Paradiso to read the story with the beautiful illustrations by the talented young Hau Yu Tseng, and find out why it is important to:

  1. Listen to your creator/s, to your parents.
  2. Be patient, patience is a virtue. Don’t let your hunger take over reason.
  3. And why is it that the same thing can be good and can also be bad if we use it in the wrong timing or for the wrong purpose.

This year of the Monkey we all Go Banana Style and wear a happy smile ???

With playful regards,



Follow link: The International Altruistic Acts – intro to read more of Collective intelligence and why is it that we should do more than LIKE and SHARE, and engage in deeper interactions as start using BUILD feature as to exponentially grow mankind’s knowledge pool.

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