What if we changed the rules of the Reality TV show Big Brother?

Big Brother is known to most as a television reality game show, whereas, the term Big Brother originates from George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, with its theme of continuous oppressive surveillance.

The Big Brother series follows the house guests in a specially-constructed house under constant surveillance. The house guests are completely isolated from the outside world and are competing for a grand prize, with weekly competitions and evictions determining who will win the show.

Image – Gladiators’ fights were the main source of entertainment in ancient Empire of Rome whereas they were placed at the mercy of the audience vote. Similarly, Big Brother holds a mirror up to ourselves – Is this how you wish your lives to look?


There are many ethical lessons embedded in the Big Brother show. How do you remain true to yourself and get on in a group? What’s the line between healthy self-interest and selfishness? Under what circumstances is it OK to lie? Should appearances matter?

The fact that Big Brother gains such a large and enthusiastic audience of young people tells us something about life in modern capitalism. But what if we chose to challenge ourselves? What if we chose to challenge capitalism? What if we changed the rules of the game and in doing so encouraged a more social responsible behavior?

Did you ever think why they all wish to win, even in the price of cheating and lying to each other and making fools out of themselves? The answer is obvious as they as all of us wish for a better life, and the only way reaching it is by beating the others. Are these the morals that should guide us as individuals and as a society? And are these the mindset and life style we wish to educate the young? Why escape and why not see how we can grow and seed together as to make a better world?

Image – What if The US President Donald Trump entered the Big Brother as a house guest? Big Brother is a competition based show. There are two types of people: There are Winners and there are losers – which one you are?



In the Big Brother game all compete for the win, but what if all united as to beat the system? Sure enough, there will always be a competition within the group, but what if the group had a mutual goal as to achieve and inspire for, and once fail, than all fail? So there is no one winner but all win or no one wins at all. What we call Win-Win situation.


So you must be thinking, where is the fun? Don’t worry, it is fun. I am sure that there will always be debates and controversies between the guests on whatever topic; this is natural behavior on the way to perfection.

Make new rules and remember not to invite the King to start the revolution.

What if the game was to credit altruistic behavior?

What if all house guest received missions as to inspire the outside world and the viewers with missions that could really change the world?

What if we could play Big Brother show and help to solve some of the biggest problems of our era — such as climate change, natural resource depletion, and growing socio-economical gaps? I know that some of the contestants enter the house with such a goal, to communicate a socio-environmental message to the viewers and the nation. So why not embedded in the game rules – Why not?

I hope that after reading this article you will make it to see that life isn’t necessarily ‘survival of the fittest’ it might be so If we were still living in different times, but now more than ever we know that collaboration is far greater then competition and that we as the human race have always the choice as to decide how we wish to tell our story. Do we wish it to be a story of a Big Brother that plays with our minds and controls our lives through technology or we rather wish to see how we utilize technology and use it as an open source with the goal to solve mankind challenges here on earth and beyond?



What if the Big Brother was an Alien watching us and the only way to beat him is by cooperation?

Well you might think, then how come we can’t sense ‘them’ or why they don’t show up or what do they want, in a Star-Trek episode or in an Hollywood film it might have been that they wish to see if we are intelligent enough as a species so they will spare on us, or maybe they simply study us, weather we make it or not is the same. Same as we study ants or any other organism on earth, they simply study us.

Do you really think that the only way to unite as the human species is to have another species or a big natural threat, e.g. a meteorite on its way toward earth, which we will have no choice but to cooperate? Is this the only way?

Image – What if the Big Brother was an Alien species watching us and the only way to beat it is by cooperation?


What if I told you that we are being watched and it is not by the Big Brother or Aliens? Rather, it is simply all of us watching all of us. In the last decade, the globe is becoming more and more surveyed, monitored and inspected. Cameras and ‘electronic eyes’ are all around us and will sure be an integral part of our future lives within the next 10 years. Our goal is make sure that as the system becomes more intelligent, it focuses on maintaining and promoting the health, happiness and freedom for all.


Image – Am I my brother’s keeper?

Is it good, is it bad? What we know for sure is that Big Brother portrays role models with values that inspire its viewers and us all. Let’s make sure that these are values that promote a high level of trust, and traits such as honesty, integrity, constancy and kindness. Let’s bring life to a new breed of Reality Game Shows that share positive values, and that is about real life changing experiences which are positive and examples of personal self-improvement and growth.

As we join together, forming networks of human concern about the future, we will find the strength and wisdom needed to create a better future for all.


Raising humanity on a new path

It all starts with YOU!

With playful regards,