The Flying Banana Smile Effect


When life conditions were fixed and shaped by tradition, nation and culture, men were supposedly forced to a specific lifestyle. In our times the power of those forces becomes weak and men’s independence and freedom grow. What once was used to be decided, chosen and shaped for the individual, with no option or choice, becomes in our days to a personal decision, independent and free.

What’s the meaning of all that?

First, in our times a stronger inner strength is needed to deal with the open liberated life entity relatively to the past. What used to carry men and culture in the past needs nowadays to arrive from inner personal creative strengths of man himself.

And… on a higher level

People say ‘If something is not working for you, it’s not out there. It’s YOU!’ don’t blame others, don’t blame the system. I say, YES! It is also ‘out there’, and it is for us as individuals to lead the change toward a more ALTRUISTIC society.

It is for us, as individuals WHO CARE to lead the change WE wish to see in the WORLD, in Values and in Ethics.


  • Our future is in education, the right education; we need provide our kids with a more open and global education and with Values and Morals that can be easily communicated to them.
  • Preparing kids toward a multicultural society in which the English and Chinese languages are ever present and as necessary as math, music and physical coordination.
  • Stories such as Moral Stories have the power to shape mankind’s destiny. Stories that carry universal messages, stories not of ‘Them’ versus ‘Us’ but of ‘We’, of accepting the ‘other’ of accepting ‘oneself’ – this is what we need in a more liberated world.


The Flying Banana Smile Effect 


A turtle had a happy life living in a green and orange rugged field…

Who?  A Turtle?

More than anything in the world, Jack likes ice-cream…

Who? Jack who?

Go Banana Style and Share Values with a Smile!

Banana Style?


Knowing that the future is in education, a group of young entrepreneurs from NSYSU gathered with me to share why RESPECT is such an important value in our society. As so, we initiated a crowdfunding campaign on Flying V, with the goal to get free printed book copies to kids.

The two books are: “The Taiwanese Turtle and The Betel Nuts” and “Jack and The Singing Garbage Truck”. Based on Taiwan’s special culture, these two books teach children the uniqueness of their own culture, and also to respect the differences between cultures.



  • So we can get more books to more kids
  • So kids in Taiwan could learn English and Values at the same time
  • And so kids in Taiwan would have a better future


Why start in Taiwan?

  • Taiwan is a wonderful place to start up such a social project as it is open to new ideas.
  • Taiwan is a democracy and people here are kind and open-minded and wish to be part of the change they wish to see in the world.
  • Taiwan is an ideal springboard to Mainland China.



I believe that if you have read my previous posts, you already understand my mindset and my messages become clearer and clearer to you, so let me invite you to join us – as it all starts with YOU!


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“To have more we must first become more” those who seek a better life must first become a better person; this is the very essence of the philosophy of personal development, success and happiness addressed by us.


With playful regards,