Did you notice that bananas are always wearing a smile, but then when turned around baa, they cry?


Once upon a time there was a Shephard boy, he cryed and laughed and cryed and laughed about it all again…

The Shephard boy lived in a faraway land; he had 24 white sheep.

Once upon a time there was a Shephard boy, he was happy and at peace.

It was after two nights in a row, when two sheep disappeared. The Shephard boy was worried that wolves will make all of his sheep disappear; he turned to the gods asking for their advice.

One day an Oldman appeared in the valley and offered the Shephard boy a magical stick. He said, “When it is a full moon, use this stick to protect yourself from the wolves.”

That night it was a full moon and a gang of wolves made their way to the sheep, little did they know that the Shephard boy was waiting for them, hiding between the sheep and then in the right moment he reached with his stick and hit the wolves. The stick was so powerful as if they were hit by a thunder from the sky, running away in cries never heard before.

Some say that ever since wolves cry during full moon.

The story goes and tells that not only the wolves started crying but even the sheep, some felt so sorry for the wolves in their pain and agony, started crying as well, and others, well they cried for their own agony. Some say their tears covered the land and that even the sky themselves started crying.

There is always mud after the rain. Once upon a time there was a Shephard boy, he was confused and sad.

Moral: be careful from what you wish for, it might come true and then…


Is this how you wish the story to end?


Some say that at night, the Shephard boy had a dream. He saw the Oldman and he told him, “When it is full moon, touch the sheep with the other side of the stick.”

When he woke up the Shephard boy touched his sheep with the stick and then as in magic, they all started laughing, one after the other. Some say that their laugh was so contagious that anyone whom heard them started laughing, and the sun that was so curious, appeared between the clouds and shined over the earth.

Then, the Shephard boy with his 32 white sheep, walked over the rainbow to live on the clouds, where they will be forever protected from wolves.

Some say that wolves that heard the sheep cry for them, decided that from day on that they will protect sheep rather than killing them.

Once upon a time wolves lived with lambs. Once upon a time there was a Shephard boy, he was happy and at peace.

“So long, Marianne, it’s time that we began to laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again.” – Leonard Cohen


By the author

You know what happens in the end? We die! (not before we loose our 32 white teeth).

Stories, such as moral stories has many symbols and hidden messages. I believe that the most important message I wished to deliver here was that we all have great powers inside of us. In life we always have a choice, make those around us divided or united; happy or sad, and the right philosophy is seen not just by the way we treat our loved ones but also by the way we treat our enemies.

It is good to remember that man is also good and also evil from its nature, those are contrasts that can and must exist together! Those two are real expressions of a united personality as no man is perfect but it is to aspire for perfectionism.

Evil, stupidity, e-rationalism, simplicity, distress, childish and more are all inseparable and legitimate part of man, just as goodness, wisdom, rationalism, complexity, comfortableness, maturity and more. All are in man at the same time and demand themselves an appropriate expression as inseparable and organic part of the process of its creation, its development and realization.

Remember! Life is valuable if you try. You must try to do something with what you know! Commit to yourself to try! As you write the book of your life and in order to win you must learn to stay. Life is meaningful if you stay! If you accept the challenge! Let others deal with the small things and start thinking of how you wish to live and not just of how to work, think of how to develop the skills to life as you would have wished to look back and say: “my life were one big unique adventure.”

You know what happens in the end? Haha, I wish you to be happy and at peace, nana.


As we join together, forming networks of human concern about the future, we will find the strength and wisdom needed to create a better future for all.

Raising humanity on a new path

It all starts with YOU!

With playful regards,