Based on the fable of Aesop “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, I came up with my version to better communicate to modern kids the MORAL : A liar’s truth is seldom believed.

Let us enjoy reading this story “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!”

There was a school in a city. One day a young naughty student took his Robodrone with him to class.

He felt very boring. He wanted to have fun. So before class he stayed outside and then cried aloud “Fire, Fire, Fire,” and operated its Robodrone to play the fire alarm sound.

When the teacher together with all the class rushed outside of the classroom he activated his Robodrone to spray water on top of all. The boy laughed and said “It was just a joke. Now get going all of you”.

The boy played the trick for quite a number of times in the next few weeks, ignoring its teachers and school principal instructions.

One day the boy accidently got locked inside the electric storeroom when an uncontrolled fire started to ignite from the inside. The boy cried loudly “Fire, fire, fire.” There was no one to come. The boy shouted “Fire! Fire! Fire!” still no one came to his help. The students thought that the boy was playing mischief again.

The boy eventually managed to kick the door out, not before its pants were on fire.


Is this how you wish the story to end?

Another version of the story tells that after the first time the boy played the ‘fire’ trick, he understood how bad this situation could have gone wrong and listened to its teachers and school principal instructions, to never repeat such misbehavior again in his life.

One day a real fire started to ignite in school, the boy whom was the first to notice it, linked a water hose to its Robodrone and managed to take over the fire. He was praised by all for his courage and got the ‘City’s Young Hero’ award in a special ceremony from the city mayor.


By the author

Recent educational experiments suggest that reading stories whereas kids are presented with a positive reward, increase children’s likelihood of adopting positive behavior. It seems then that presenting with the favorable outcome of the behavior, therefore, is the key to moral instruction of the young.

Now THINK! Why did the boy lie? Do you remember a similar event happened to you when you lied and things turned wrong?

The moral of the story Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! is that “Nobody believes a liar” and that “the habit of lying is dangerous”.

You must learn to express yourselves and not try to impress. It is most important, if you really wish to touch the other you must show honesty from the heart, without trying to impress. Impression builds a gap, honesty builds a bridge.

 A classroom project: Ask your students to write the story in their own words as it happens in the second version.


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