Let us enjoy the story of One Thousand Yellow Books

Many years ago, the Council of Eighteen Sages convened in Heaven to discuss how to unite the nations of the world.

“We put them to test’ and see if they are ready,” one said.

After seven days and nights the Council of Sages found a solution – the Light of Redemption Book and for nine months they labored and wrote the book that is still remembered as the Yellow Book.

“If the people succeed, the Temple will be built,” said the second.

“Could they succeed?” asked the third.

“We will distribute among them one thousand copies and sign the names of the leaders of the nations,” said the fourth.

“The books are divided among the common people in the hope that they will reach their final destination –to their leaders. A single condition for them, the books can be transferred only from hand to hand and in personal relation,” said the fifth.

“Could they succeed?” asked the third.

“If the books reach their destination in less than 80 days, then we will know that they have met the task and that they are ready,” said the sixth.

“Whoever takes the book will sign his name and pass it on, and he will enjoy great happiness,” said the seventh.

“What if the books do not reach their destination?” asked the third.

“If the books do not reach their destination, a thousand years will pass before we wake up again,” said the eighth.

And here comes the day and the Council of the Eighteen Sages spread the books among the nations.

A day, two days, three, four … Seventy-eight days and not a single copy reached the leaders of the nations.

“That’s what I thought, they’ll never get together,” said the third, disappointed.

In heavy hearts the eighteen sages of the Council of Sages fell into another thousand years of sleep.

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Is this how you want the story to end?

There is a rumor that the thousand-year period is coming to an end and there is another opportunity ahead. Also see: Best Free Thesis and Research Paper Examples

Will we succeed so that all thousand books will make it to their destination in less than eighty days?

Has the day come when world leaders will gather the nations in order to spread the light of redemption – The Yellow Book, has come?

Let us merit that the Temple be built in our own time.



By the author

Around the world in 80 days…
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