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Let us enjoy another tales of Little Yellow Duck– Pick Up The Feathers…


Green Duckling loved to gossip and offend others at every opportunity. One day little Yellow Duck turned to him and said that if he continued with his evil acts no one will want to be his friend.

After thinking Green Duckling approached little Yellow Duck and asked for his advice.

“With pleasure,” replied little Yellow Duck, “Take a bag full of feathers and climb on top of the highest tree in the forest. When you reach the treetop, open the bag and beat it with all your strength on one of the branches.”

On the one hand, Little Yellow Duck’s advice seemed strange, but also easy to implement, on the other hand, Green duckling was happy to close the matter so easily.

Green Duckling rushed and filled a big feather bag and quickly climbed on top of the tallest tree in the forest. He opened the bag and with all his might hit it on a branch – one, two and three and here the wind swept the feathers and scattered them all over the forest.

Green Duckling ran back to little Yellow Duck to report his success.


You think that is how the story ends?

“Ah, there’s one more thing you need to do,” said little Yellow Duck. “Now, go collect all the feathers and bring them to me.”

“How could I?” His friend screamed in shock, “Those are scattered throughout the forest. There is no way to pick them up.”

“Really?” little Yellow Duck asked, “Here is your lesson! Now you know that there is no way to collect all the insulting words of yours scattered all over the forest”.


Message by the author


A key advice to Green Ducklings,

Choose well your words; there is magic in human words. We create our reality by the words we take out of our mouths. “… and G-d said let there be light – and be light”, it is said “the pen is mightier than the sward”, “life and death in the hand of the tongue”. All those are true. Words are powerful, they are almost divine. And old phrase tells, “G-d was the word – and the word was G-d”. Words can give life; take life, phrase ideologies, democracy, freedom, capitalism and all the wonderful things we enjoy of.

Therefore avoid using negative words and always try to turn those into positive. Furthermore, adopt yourselves a sophisticated, better improved, vocabulary where there is no “I hope”, “I need”, but rather, “I know and believe”.

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A key advice for little Yellow Ducks

How so to act and at the same time maintain respect?

Respecting a certain person meaning first of all meeting him where he is, in order to take him where you wish him to get. If someone is hurt, than you must start in the pain, if someone is in trouble, than you must start with the trouble. It is not so difficult to identify with the other if he or she resembles you but the real difficulty is when meeting people whom are different then you. Can you truly make it and place yourselves in their shoes in order to understand them?

In general, you must learn to express yourselves and not try to impress. It is most important, if you really wish to touch the other you must show honesty from the heart, without trying to impress. Impression builds a gap, honesty builds a bridge.

Let your memories to take you back in time and influence on you one more time, to light your eyes another time, it is not necessarily easy but you must get back to the pain in order to reach the one that is in the pain.

The real difficulty is in identifying with someone that is totally different than you, as in color, religion or circumstances. How is it that a successful man reaches someone that is in difficulty and touches him? At first, there is to talk of the straggle and not of the success; talk of the hesitations, the pain, and the difficulties and waiving, as this is the way to build a bridge.

Only then you can mention success, as it came from difficult decisions, heart break, and maybe from the same place with the same person you are talking to.

The right choice of words; you must be aware of the importance of choosing the language, the right words, the right sentences, according to the person you are talking to. This is awareness, sharpened perception, awareness to the identity of the conversation partner and choosing the right words for him.

You must learn not to lose the lessons you have learnt from past mistakes; to make better benefit from your experience, as hard as it may be, find the good in it and see it as a better spring board to a more mature future.

It is needed to learn to remember past events from a feeling of positive experience. It is important to return to the unsolved past and clean it from the consciousness as not to let it hold you and install you any longer. Only when you send compassion and affection toward your past you may be released from it. Forgive your past and learn from your past, to forgive doesn’t mean to forget. Make a space inside you to create a new reality, finish past accounts and let the chances appearing to joyfully penetrate into your life. To live present means to live your being. In general, if you already recognized that your position today is a result of the past that could be changed, easily enough your future could look much better according to your choices.


As we join together, forming networks of human concern about the future, we will find the strength and wisdom needed to create a better future for all.


Raising humanity on a new path

It all starts with YOU!

With playful regards,