let’s enjoy reading another wonderful fable from ‘The Adventures of Little Yellow Duck’

Three Little Ducks

Once upon a time there were three little ducks. One day a big bad crocodile saw the three little ducks while they danced and played (and cleaned the river band from plastic bags) and thought, “It has been a long time since I had a good laugh!”

He chased the three ducks as they ran and hid in the bushes and he said, “I will let you go only if you will succeed to make me laugh, agree?”

So the first duck showed himself and started making funnyyy faces until he made the crocodile laugh.

The second showed himself and started telling a really funnyyy joke, and made the crocodile laugh.

Little Yellow duck took one of its yellow feathers and tickled the crocodile all over its body so the crocodile started even to weep as he couldn’t stop laughing.


“STOP! STOP! STOP!” cried the crocodile.

“Do you promise you will let us go?” asked Little Yellow duck.

“Sure, I will. I promise. I promise.” replied the crocodile.



The crocodile stopped laughing and then he opened its mouth and in one time swallowed all three ducks.

Image: So the first duck showed himself and started making funnyyy faces until he made the crocodile laugh.


Is this how you want the story to end?


Another version to the story tells that Little Yellow duck was wise and when the crocodile promised him many things to make him stop, he didn’t, instead he called his brothers to give him a hand and so they did. So what did the crocodile do to stop laughing?

He rolled and rolled and rolled… over its belly back to the river and he was never seen again… and the three little ducks lived happily ever after.

Message by the author

Don’t trust crocodiles! WHY?

As crocodiles can’t be trusted!

Sometimes in life we are bullied by big bad ‘crocodiles’ that challenge us to play according to their rules. But guess what? With a little bit of creativity even the small and weak can win the big and strong. And remember don’t get tempted, as if someone played with you once, he will continue doing so, treating you as if you were his toy. Is that how you want your life to end?

Lesson kids can learn from fables

A fable, if you didn’t know, is a story that teaches a moral to children. A fable can teach a child to differ between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in a manner which is easier for them to absorb and listen too. Fables teach us a lot about ourselves because it is like looking in the mirror believing it is a window. These animal fables are important because, believe it or not, sometimes kids don’t like to listen to what their parents lecture and teach them. Likewise, fables give parents a doorway to start moral discussions with characters kids can relate too.

In fables, there are lessons about values such as self-discipline, courage, never giving up, friendship, and forgiving others that it is very important to teach to children. Even an anti-drug and over coming addictions message you could talk to kids about after reading a fable.

Fables have a deep impact on our minds, so much that we manage to remember the stories and their morals for life and use them as to guide us through hard decision making and even pass them on and teach our children. I would say that fables and their morals are valuable for all and at any age and at anytime.



With playful regards,