A complete town famous for the Ryokan (Japanese style hotels that includes Onsen service). The Wakura-onsen Hot Spring is known as one of the best high-class hot spring resorts in Japan and as the “ocean’s hot spring.” It is located in Nanao City of Ishikawa, at the central part of the Noto-hanto Peninsula sticking into the Sea of Japan and facing beautiful Nanao Bay. Legend says that the hot springs opened 1,200 years ago, when a fisherman found a wounded white heron curing its body in the ocean’s hot water giving off white steam.

The Wakura-onsen hot spring has several reasons to attract over one million visitors from both Japan and overseas every year. Among them, its greatest attraction must be found in its plentiful volume of hot water and excellent location by the sea that allows you to relax and bath in nature’s beauty. Moreover, you can enjoy delicious dishes of fresh products from the ocean and mountains.

The name of Wakura-onsen became well known as a high-class hot spring resort since it has been ranked top for nearly 30 years in the contest, “Best 100 Japanese hotels and inns selected by professionals.” However, another reason that makes Wakura-onsen popular is its many traditional inns that serve fresh seafood. Fresh products such as oysters, crabs, winter yellowtails, deep-water shrimps, and abalones will be offered on your dining table to satisfy your appetite.


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