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Kokoyakyu: High School Baseball

“Kokoyakyu: High School Baseball” Special screening

Documentary Filmmaker Kenneth Eng Shares Why Baseball is More Than a Sport in Japan. Special screening at The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens on Nov. 2 at 7pm. Thursday,...

Parks and recr-eng-tion; Kenneth and Ehren visit Orlando once again

On Sat, May 1 2016 filmmaker Kenneth Eng and writer-producer of “My Life in China” Ehren Parks visited Orlando once more, graciously presenting a...
My Life in China

Kenneth Eng: Man of Pursuit, Resilience, and Happiness

Kenneth Eng: The Man Behind “Kokoyakyu: High School Baseball” and “My Life in China” Chinese-born, Boston-bred, and LA-livin’ filmmaker Kenneth Eng will be visiting Orlando once...