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FANTASTICA: A Filipino Comedy Movie Screening in Tampa Bay

COMEDY MOVIE AT THE BAYANIHAN CENTER ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 19th at 4 PM. Donation: $15 - Why not have a relaxing Saturday afternoon with...
The 24th Annual South Asian Film Festival

24th Annual South Asian Film Festival

SEPTEMBER 29 – OCTOBER 1, 2018 Beyond Bollywood: The 24th Annual South Asian Film Festival showcases diverse images of the Indian subcontinent, its culture, and...
South Asian Film Festival

South Asian Film Festival

OCT 7, Sat 11 AM   Hotel Salvation OCT 7, Sat 1:45 PM   New Indian Shorts 2017  OCT 8, Sun 11 AM  A Suitable Girl OCT 8, Sun 2 PM  Khoj (The Lost)  OCT 9, Mon...
Birth of the Dragon


BH Tilt & WWE Studios martial arts action film Birth of the Dragon will be released in theaters nationwide on August 25, 2017. This feature-length...

FELIX MANALO (A classical Epic Movie of the Year)

The movie tells the life story of Felix Yzagun Manalo, the first Executive Minister of Iglesia ni Cristo that was officially established in the...
Lily Zhang

TOP SPIN, a ping pong documentary

Inside a cramped, no-frills gym, the clacking sounds of hollow plastic balls whirling at 80 mph are punctuated by exclamations of victory and bitter...
Shinya Shokudo

Midnight Diner – 深夜食堂 [Shinya Shokudo]

Set in a small late night diner in the busy, frenetic Shinjuku district of Tokyo, director Joji Matsuoka's Midnight Diner (深夜食堂- Shinya Shokudo) is...