Three Taiwanese artists recognized by Japan’s International Manga Award


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan announced the winners of the 17th International Manga Award on Dec. 26. This year, Taiwanese manga artist Jason Chien’s (簡嘉誠) “Wind Chaser Under the Blue Sky (青空下的追風少年)” won the gold prize, while Lin I-Chen’s (林奕辰) “207th Bone (二零七之骨)” and Shimizu’s (清水) “Tomoe’s Memories of Koumeya vol.2 (友繪的小梅屋記事簿2)” won the Bronze prize.

Taiwan Manga
Wind Chaser Under the Blue Sky

Based on the archive material from the Taiwan Railway Administration, “Wind Chaser Under the Blue Sky” tells a story about the friendship between two young men—a Taiwanese and a Japanese—who love trains and running during the period of World War II in Taiwan. 

“207th Bone” follows a girl from a cursed family who attempts to break free from the shackles of family tradition and escape the fate of death, while “Tomoe’s Memories of Koumeya vol.2” revolves around Tomoe, a high school student and the third- generation successor of a traditional Japanese restaurant in Taipei during the period of Japanese rule.

Taiwan Manga
207th Bone

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan mentioned that the International Manga Award was inaugurated in 2007 to promote the manga culture internationally. Entering the award’s 17th edition, they noted, the organizer received 587 submissions from 82 countries and regions this year, marking a new record. 

The award’s panel of jury selected one Gold prize winner, three Silver prize winners, two Special Encouragements, and nine Bronze prize winners, totaling 15 works. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place in March 2024.

Taiwan Manga
Tomoe’s Memories of Koumeya vol.2