“Tokyo-Ga” art exhibition unveiled at Miami International Airport by Japanese and MIA officials

Consul General Ken Okaniwa of the Consulate of Japan in Miami, Miami-Kagoshima Sister Cities Committee Chairman José Fuentes, MIA Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs Director Yolanda Sanchez, Tokyo-Ga photographer Yasutaka Kojima

“Tokyo-Ga” at Miami International Airport (MIA) is the first exhibition devoted to Japanese culture at MIA. The “Tokyo-Ga” (images of Tokyo) project began in response to a devastating tsunami and earthquake that claimed thousands of lives in Japan in 2011. The portfolio showcases images of the multifaceted Japanese capital, which reflect the contrast between the country’s tradition and modernity. The exhibition begins as MIA officials prepare to visit Tokyo this month for the 39th Annual Joint Meeting of the Southeast U.S./Japan Associations, where they will be discussing direct flights to Japan with Japanese business and airline executives.