While some aspects of Japanese food culture, like sushi, and ramen have become more main stream around the world, there are still many traditions and cultural aspects which remain relatively unknown to the general public.

For this reason, the Consulate General of Japan in Miami, in collaboration with Ms. Candy Miyuki, organized a Japanese Candy Art and Character Bento demonstration on March 18 at the University of Central Florida. Over hundred students were given a chance to experience both tradition of candy making and the new trend of bento arts.

Photos: C.K. Lau (To view the photo album, visit www.facebook.com/asiatrend)

Ms. Candy Miyuki, who is a licensed cook from Japan, is one of only 15 formally trained Amezaiku (Japanese Candy Artist), in the world. She is the perfect person to host this show – “When tradition meets modernity” featuring Amezaiku and Character Bentos.

Amezaiku, dates back 250 years to Edo period is a traditional Japanese folk art of sculpting candy into a variety of shapes as animals and other characters. Candy Miyuki is famous for creating sculptures on a stick from soft rice dough based on the request of guests in mere seconds. Character bentos, originating in kid’s lunch box, have recently grown in popularity in Japan. Thus culture has now evolved to the point where national contests are held.

She will also perform at the Asian Cultural Festival on May 30 at the Orlando Fashion Square Mall. More details, visit http://www.aahc-cf.org