A humorous advertisement for Manulife Financial re-imagines Go Nagai’s super robot Mazinger Z


Recently, the insurance company, Manulife Japan, began streaming a web commercial titled “Mazinger Kachō ~Second Life e Mazin-go!~ (Section Manager Mazinger Mazin-goes to a Second Life!) to promote its “Mirai no Tabi” campaign. The video depicts Go Nagai’s classic Mazinger Z robot filling the role of a company’s section manager.

In the video, section manager Mazinger applies for early retirement in his company, which becomes the lunch-time topic of his coworkers. One of them, Okuno, is shocked by the news, as he considered Mazinger a hero for the company. They recount the various experiences they had with Mazinger, which include having drinks after work with him. During these stories of their experience with the manager, there were humorous instances of Mazinger using his Photon Beam and Rust Hurricane attacks on other people. They eventually discuss that Mazinger had always wanted to start a soba shop with his wife. It then pans to Mazinger Z arriving home to start his “second life” of opening a soba shop with his wife after retirement.

Source: Comic Natalie