Thursday, February 2, 2023
Mei's Supermarket Lunar New Year Celebration

Mei’s Supermarket Lunar New Year Celebration

Having moved to live near Orlando, Florida since 2009, I have been to a few of CNY celebration shows. However, I find this year’s CNY celebration presented by Mei’s Supermarket on East Colonial Drive...

Enjoy the Warmth of Nabemono Hotpot in Winter

Apart from clothes and the ubiquitous “kotatsu”, hot-pot or “nabe” is a common way to stave off the cold of the Japanese winter months. A “nabe” could mean a pot (often earthenware) or meal...

What’s The Story Behind Japan’s Lucky Cats and Inari fox?

Animals often appear in Japanese cultural motifs and traditions. The Inari fox and Maneki-neko (beckoning cat) are two animal symbols known to natives and visitors alike. The Inari fox is usually seen near shrines...
Lunar New Year

Where To Celebrate the Lunar New Year 2022?

In accordance with the Lunar Calendar, the Year of the Tiger begins on February 1, 2022 and ends on January 21, 2023. You can enrich your festival experience with the Central Florida Lunar New Year...
Kamakura Festival

Yokote Snow Festival Kamakura

One lovely winter tradition in Japan's colder regions is the "Kamakura”, which is a snow-house. It is said that the city of Yokote, Akita prefecture, has been celebrating a "Matsuri" or festival, featuring these...
Japan's handicrafts

Japan’s Handicrafts: Tomari-nata

Japan's handicrafts may seem like distant traditions, but they are actually much closer than you might think! The Consulate-General of Japan in Miami's very own Consul Okubo has a special connection to one of Toyama...

The 4th Annual FusionFest Returns To Downtown Orlando In Grand Style On Thanksgiving Weekend,...

Celebrate the People and Many Cultures That Make Central Florida Awesome at the Free, Two-Day Festival That Features Over 1,000 Local Artists and Draws People From More Than 100 Different Cultures to Experience Music,...

PHILFEST Special Edition 2021: A Smashing Success

Friday was the most miserable day for the festival. The rain never stopped from the night before until late afternoon. But no one could deter the Filipinos from showing up despite the cold wet...
Peking opera star

Peking opera star to present final Metamorphosis performance in Taiwan

Taichung, Nov. 2 (CNA) Peking Opera veteran Wu Hsing-kuo (吳興國), known for blending Chinese opera with contemporary theater elements, said Tuesday that he will no longer perform the one-man show "Metamorphosis" (蛻變) in Taiwan...

Japanese Street Food Yatai Culture

Nowadays, many people associate the Japanese word "yatai" with the covered food stalls found at festivals and events. However, the original yatai (屋台) were wooden, two-wheeled mobile pushcarts that were manned by individual food...
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