Star Wars Osechi-ryōri to celebrate the New Year


Japanese celebrate the New Year traditional habit will eat Osechi-ryōri (two or three layers of food box) “御節” (お せ ち). Osechi are easily recognizable by their special boxes called jūbako (重箱), which resemble bentō boxes. Like bentō boxes, jūbako are often kept stacked before and after use. As the cooking is too complex, the Japanese family like to be buy one at the department store to celebrate with the family.  Japan Star Wars recently announced will launch a special edition お せ ち on December 29 to 30, 24,000 yen, only in Japan. 117

The term osechi originally referred to o-sechi, a season or significant period. New Year’s Day was one of the five seasonal festivals in the Imperial Court in Kyoto. This custom of celebrating particular days was introduced from China into Japan.

Originally, during the first three days of the New Year, it was a taboo to use a hearth and cook meals, except when cooking zōni. Osechi was made by the close of the previous year, as women did not cook in the New Year.

In the earliest days, osechi consisted only of nimono, boiled vegetables with soy sauce and sugar or mirin. Over the generations, the variety of food included in osechi has increased. Today it may refer to anything prepared specially for the New Year, and some foreign dishes have been adopted as “Westernized osechi” (西洋お節 seiyō-osechi) or as “Chinese-style osechi” (中華風お節 chūkafū osechi). And while osechi was traditionally prepared at home, it is also sold ready-made in specialty stores, grocery stores, and even convenience stores, such as 7-Eleven.

It expresses the view of the world of the dark side and light side. Under the black Gomamusu of “Darth Vader” design black beans, under the milk mousse of “R2-D2” design it has assortment around the celebration garnishes such as mashed sweet potato.
Octopus of boiled and Isogai of ginger flavor, parent-child winding of herring, seafood such as compote of Baikai, to an atmosphere reminiscent of a galaxy life.
Ashirai a balun and the pick of the “storm trooper” of the “Darth Vader” in the small sea bream bales grilled, salmon roe and Chinese-style abalone also gorgeous platter. The logo input Ri delicacy in of “Star Wars”, octopus of basil tossed.