• The future of mankind consists of various addictions, such as drugs, alcohol and computer games. WHAT IF… we could leverage on that?
  • WHAT IF… mankind could find a creative way to better utilize of the precious resource of all “human brain” and the time available and lead a positive change?
  • WHAT IF… each individual by pressing the CARE button, make the elderly, unemployed, prisoners and others to contribute to the community she/he is part of and to benefit mankind – and… get rewarded?


Our success as a species is dependent of our CI (Collective Intelligence) knowing that the more intelligent the system is the more freedom of action it requires… and more freedom of action it provides its parts.

Where does this leave us, each individual?

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AT FIRST THERE WAS CHAOS and there was no sense to it all… Siren was afraid.

Siren’s Song

Siren was afraid. She woke up crying from her dreams.

So she packed her bag and went on a journey to see the world,

She first met a puppy; he asked for water so she shared her water,

She met a little boy that was hungry so she shared a banana,

She met a little bird that fell off the tree; so she took off her shoe and made a home for the bird,

She met an old man that was cold so she gave him her coat

She met a lost lamb that was crying so she sang to her a happy song,

When it started to rain, she sat under a tree, she was thirsty, hungry, cold and with one shoe only, but she was not afraid anymore. Siren fell asleep.

She woke up with a smile. Siren was happy. 

Siren’s emotional journey comprises of 3 stages: Fear -> Empathy -> Happiness. A symbolic release of the human spirit from darkness to light.

Siren’s emotional journey comprises of 3 stages: Fear -> Empathy -> Happiness

Same as Siren, mankind experiences same ‘emotional’ stages during its Evolutionary natural growth process.


Tribal Mindset -> Altruism -> Global Mindset


ALL HUMAN FEAR! Fear of what happens next, fear of what happens if we keep polluting the globe, fear of what happens if we keep exploiting its natural resources, fear of AI (Artificial Intelligence) at the singularity point, fear of the unknown and fear of PUNISHMENT.

As individuals all we care is to see a better life for ourselves, but who counts us at the system level and how to manage that fear and the whole spectrum of human emotions on the Net?



Same as an individual that gets to wear glasses and clearly see for the first time, same as mankind that gets to use the WWW and clearly feel as one for the first time. One of my favorite definitions to CULTURE is – THE INTELLIGENT MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN EMOTIONS. An intelligent system has the ability to recognize each part and its level of contribution, it protects its parts and consists of feedback systems as to credit those to benefit it and punish those to hurt it.

Our most valuable assets and our true wealth will always be our time and freedom; saying that, our activity, whether as an individual or a group, is measured by our contribution to the system. Each act, job, profession, company, has a different value. We live at times whereas we seek for fit replacements to silver and gold and paper or coin money and where we redefine the value we placed on our time and freedom.

An intelligent system that aims towards a higher level of complexity and harmony, through mechanisms such as innovation, as differentiation and integration, competition and collaboration, must consider moral obligations, norms, social values and mostly TRUST as to get the individuals recognize in it, and wish to be part.

Jim Rohn - The intelligent management of human emotions
Jim Rohn – The intelligent management of human emotions


Nowadays more and more people are joining social media as the shift from villages to main cities. What does this mean?

Are we a lost herd of sheep without a Shepard?

Are we slaves to Capitalism and money?

Or is it that we hold a better future?


I am confident to see a positive change. Mankind, successfully, keeps inventing creative ways to deal with stress and density, and shaped his environment accordingly, virtual realities, unique and playful architecture, parks, sports facilities, pubs, cafes, shopping centers and country clubs, where every corner has where to “play”.


I like to end with a quote by George Washington “no generation has the right to contract debts greater that can be paid off during the course of its own existence…”

With playful regards,