A monkey, a parrot, a fish and Little Yellow Duck gathered at the riverside to talk and chat and enjoy some bananas.

Suddenly a hunter appeared from the bushes.

All saw him and everyone began to escape.

The monkey ran, the parrot flew, the fish swam and Little Yellow Duck that knew also to run, fly and swim, remained standing in place.

Having trouble deciding what to do next and how to get away …

Yes, it got caught!


Is this how you wish your life to end? being caught by the hunter?

There are different versions of how this story ends, here are some of them,

A censored version tells that Little Yellow Duck was the first to escape, being so stressed he panicked and fell of a cliff, and he was never seeing again.

But then again, this is not how you wish your life to end. NEVER PANIC!

Another version tells that as soon as Little Yellow Duck heard the hunter he started running as fast as he can down that river, and nowadays there is ‘The Little Yellow Duck Charity Run’ organized by him as to protect the poor and innocent.

Another version tells that Little Yellow Duck started flying and now he is an astronaut in a top space program.

Another version tells that he swam and made it to the other side of the river where he met a pretty yellow duck, they have built a tree house and a guest house and now having 3 little yellow ducks of their own.

Point to ponder: Given that the hunter is TIME this tale aims to guide us that we need to decide fast in which direction and which path we want to go and not procrastinate, therefore it is better to specialize and become better at something than to have several talents that they do not really get you anywhere.

But what if his trouble of deciding what to do next was not about ‘how to escape’ but if to try and escape at all.

Why bother when I have the talents?

The answer is simple, if there is anything that bothers every man wherever he is and keeps him away from getting to that inner peace and calmness; it is first of all, knowing that he does less than he can. In situations where we don’t realize our talents, we are hit by spiritual, mental and physical damages, just as from being less then we can be. Just from the fact that we are doing less then we can do and from the fact that we try less then we can try and from the fact that we do something with less passion than we actually can; something that to my opinion, without any doubt, damages our brain and self-image.

Moreover, it is not the idea of trying the best in maximum effort that comprise the higher value, but how do you feel regarding yourselves is the highest value. As it is not what we get that makes something valuable, but rather what we become to be, and apart of the process of becoming to be… is to see the change in you, to see all that you can do – how much you can earn, how much you can share, how fast can you start, how far can you reach, how far can you influence.

My advice to you my friends, go and get the talents, use them in a way that makes you feel good about yourself and be aware of the positive change you experience. And yes, don’t wait for things to change out there, be the change you wish to see in the world.

With playful regards,