The Yellow Duck and the Crocodile


Yellow duck n crocodile 1

A yellow duck was on his way to meet with the Emperor in Peking and deliver him an important message.

Right as he’s about to jump into the Yellow river to swim across and meet the Emperor’s people await him on the other side of the river band, a crocodile that was resting on the edge nearby called out to him, “I see that you like to cross the river, let me help you.”

“What? Are you crazy, you are a crocodile and you will eat me,” said the yellow duck.

“You and this ducky brain of yours, why would I do that, you aren’t thinking clearly right now. I also like to serve the emperor, trust me well, I promise that I will not eat you” this made sense to the yellow duck and he got convinced to jump on the crocodile’s back.

Midway across the river the Crocodile made a quick flip to the side, opened his mouth and was just about to swallow the yellow duck.

“Stop! You promised! And now we both will die now as the Emperor’s people will kill you” shouted the yellow duck, as he can’t believe it.

The crocodile swallowed the duck and said, “I know but couldn’t stand the temptation, I am a crocodile.”

Yellow duck n crocodile 2

The Moral

Beware of crocodiles, ladies and gentlemen. In everything you do, always surround yourself with people who have character and integrity. Sometimes the crocodile will disguise himself/herself as the good person until you trust them, and once you do, he/she will turn on you in a flip of a second.



Yellow duck n crocodile 3

Is this how you wish your life to end? Be eaten by a crocodile?  How would you choose to act when confronted with a crocodile?

Another version of the story tells that when the crocodile was about to eat the yellow duck he was ready and right away jumped from his back on top of another crocodile and another one, like this, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 crocodiles and the clever yellow duck made it across the river to meet with the emperor’s people.

All rivers start with the human heart, and always remember when swimming across rivers to beware of crocodiles. Once confronted with one, be fast to step on top of him/her, never look back, and keep on with this beautiful adventure we call life.



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Link: The Yellow Duck and the Crocodile