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The Wah Lum Temple celebrated the opening of the new Chinese Cultural Center and Museum on November 1st with guests and masters all over the States, Hong Kong and England. Traditional Lion and Dragon Dances, Kung Fu, Chinese drumming performed by Wah Lum students kicked off the grand opening of the center. As a steward of the Chinese culture, the Wah Lum Cultural Center helps to build bridges of mutual respect and understanding of the diversity of the Chinese cultures and traditions.

The center displays many Master Pui Chan’s collections such as ancient Kung Fu weapons, Chinese calligraphy, paintings, and scrolls depicting the Chinese ethics and Confucianism theory, Kung Fu winning awards and appreciation awards from all over the world. The center also displays an array of historic photos of the Goldenrod Road area where the temple was built in the 1980’s. Other programs include Kung Fu movie screenings, Chinese language, tea ceremony, and Chinese cooking classes.

The Wah Lum Cultural Center is now open for the public with a small admission fee. Different sponsorship levels are also available. Please follow them at https://www.facebook.com/WahLum-TempleOrlando or visit http://www.wahlum.com/CulturalCenter.html for more information.

Photos: C.K. Lau