Belize food truck set to tour Taiwan to promote its culture, food

Taiwan Belize food truck
CNA photo April 2, 2024

Taipei, April 2 (CNA) A food truck featuring free delicacies from Belize began a nationwide tour in Taipei on Tuesday to promote its culture and strengthen bonds with people in Taiwan.

Speaking at the launch event held at the Taipei Children’s Amusement Park, Belizean Ambassador Candice Pitts said she wanted to promote Belizean cuisine on a Taiwan tour because “it aligns with the mission of our Belize embassy, which is to reach and connect with all 23 million plus Taiwanese.”

“And what better way to reach, connect, and bond with people than through food, that universal language of Love,” she said.

The ambassador said she enjoys many Taiwanese dishes, including Buddha Jumps over the Wall soup, braised pork with fried rice, sweet fungus soup, and oolong tea.

“To reciprocate this gesture of love,” the envoy said she wanted to expose Taiwanese “to our Belizean cuisines so that they too may have the opportunity to become very familiar with some of their favorite Belizean food and feel welcomed in our Belizean family.”

“To that end, we will be on the road for a month, bringing to a town near you some of our Belizean delicacies,” she said.

The food being served for free on the truck includes cacao paste pancakes, made from Belize’s cacao bean, Belize cacao and rose tea, as well as Taiwanese style fried noodles complemented by the world-renowned Belize Marie Sharpe hot sauces, she said.

Pitts said the truck is Belize’s way to help Taiwanese become more familiar with her country, “one of your most reliable diplomatic allies.”

Belize and the Republic of China, Taiwan’s formal name, are celebrating their 35th anniversary of forming official diplomatic ties this year.

The annual food truck event, organized by the government-funded foreign ministry affiliated Central America Trade Office (CATO), was first launched in 2022.

This year’s Belize food truck will be visiting locations around the island during weekends until May 14, the CATO said. For detailed locations for the truck’s destinations, visit 中美洲經貿辦事處 Central America Trade Office