Himono: Dried Fish Cuisine

Himono Dried Fish Cuisine

Japan is home to many different and interesting culinary traditions. One such tradition is called “himono”, or dried fish cuisine, which written in Japanese is made up of the Kanji for “dry”, “hi”, and “thing (in this case, foodstuff), “mono”.

Himono Dried Fish Cuisine

While many often associate Japan with raw fish type cuisine, such as sashimi, sushi or with one of the grilled or boiled fish dishes, “himono” introduces a conception of Japanese cuisine new to many outside Japan.

According to some sources, the tradition of making “himono” dates back to the Nara Period (8th Century AD).

Himono Dried Fish Cuisine

“Himono” involves removing the innards, salting and sun-drying fish such as squid, seabream and other kinds of seafood. Once the drying process is complete the prepared “himono” can either be rehydrated or grilled in their dry state.

Next time you visit Japan, be sure to try some delicious “himono”.

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