3 most common questions when meeting with someone for the first time are:

‘What is your name?’

‘Where are you from?’

‘What are you doing (here/in life)?’

These are not just simple questions; these questions have deep roots in our evolution and these are questions that define us, not only by others but also by ourselves.

In other words they link us with the core elements that keep us HAPPY:

  • A sense of meaning
  • A sense of belonging
  • A sense of purpose
Who Are You: School 2015 – Set at a prestigious private high school in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. Eun-Byeol is a popular student at the private high school. She goes missing and returns, but she has lost her memory. She tries to find out the truth.


Well, mostly when we think of these 3 questions we think of individuals, nonetheless, try for a minute to think of these 3 basics from a global perspective, of us all as mankind, these core elements keep us CONNECTED.






The answer: Who are we? – It is for us to decide!

I like to think that we are one big happy family! And that there is one race – The Human Race!



We tend to define people as per their nationality, by their religion, race, gender, age etc. We all like to belong to one group or another, e.g. an Asian living in Asia likes to be regarded as an Asian, but what about an Asian living in the States? Or an Asian born in the States and never been to Asia and doesn’t speak any other language but English?

Nowadays we understand that it is not about asking ‘who is Asian?’ but rather ‘who will be Asian? American? Jewish? Muslim? Christian? etc.

As for me, if you ask me ‘where do you come from’ I will reply, ‘I am Jewish; I am a proud Israeli citizen and a global citizen of the world’.



Men need roots and men need wings. What is it that you wish to be?

A dinosaur (big, slow and stupid) and we all know how this is about to end, or a Dragon, ‘Be the Legend!’ able to fly in imagination, wherever it may take us we will go, and the sky is not the limit, as a species that inhabit more than one planet has better chances for survival.

We have specialized in learning, in associating and vast in imitating. Altruism, generosity and cooperation are traits that define us as humans, we reign supreme, able to do the very best and the very worst, love and violence, good and evil, we have conquered the world, what’s next?




We must begin to focus our minds that we are parts of one whole system that includes all human beings, and begin to treat others accordingly. An altruistic attitude to others means turning your intention, your thoughts and your concern for the benefit of others. Wishing all other people to receive all the necessary for their existence, but beyond the widespread concern to welfare it is about concentrating your thoughts to raise the level of awareness of others. You should desire that everyone will feel part of a single over whole system.


This is first of all an inside job at the level of thought. It is important to delve into this idea and do not let it away of our minds, as surely to happen. We must regard great importance to such thoughts as in which our happiness and our peace are dependent on, and with their help we can survive all problems. Though the issue seems abstract at first, actually in it, and in it alone, depend our good future.

Apart of altruistic attitude towards others at the level of our thought, we can also practice altruistic action – as sharing with others our knowledge about the purpose of life and about how to implement it. If we shared the importance of this awareness to others and now they share even some of it, recognizing the problem and moving toward a solution, then we caused a positive change in the same system we are all parts of. As a result, our awareness will intensify more and more and we will sure enough to feel these positive changes in our lives.


One person that amends his attitude to others is making a difference in humanity as a whole. In fact, it is possible to draw the relationship between yourself and the rest of humanity: you and all mankind are in the same system, but others depend entirely in the way you interact with them. The whole world is in your hands.

Gal Orian
The whole world is in your hands.

Remember! A society that values such as caring and compassion have the greatest importance soon enough becomes to be a more just society.


Creative mindset is not only about care and compassion, and the technological distance that separates us from animals, doesn’t make us more human then we already are and it doesn’t differentiate us from them. The new collective mindset is about the creative awakening that leads toward justice and integrity.




If we wish to change our relation to others from egoistic to altruist, we must bring ourselves to a state where we want to care in favor of others and make sure this connection will be much greater than any other egoistic purpose. This can happen only if the values of our society position altruism as a supreme value.


We were created as social beings and as egotistical, and for us there is nothing more important than the opinions of those around us. In fact, our life’s purpose is to gain appreciation and praise of society. We are strictly controlled and involuntarily by society’s opinion, and are willing to do everything we can for some appreciation, recognition, honor and glory. Therefore, society can infuse its members with values and different behaviors, and be those most abstract.


Society builds the standards by which we measure our self-respect and self-esteem. Therefore, even when we are alone, we act according to society’s values. In other words, even if no one will know of a specific action we have done, we will act as to feel a positive self-esteem. In order for us to start building the will to care about the good of others and establish a connection between us as parts of a single system, we must be part of a society that supports it. If the people around us appreciate altruism as a supreme value, then each of us will naturally obey and adapt it for himself.


If we aspire to be in a better environment, our inner strength will eventually lead us to people, organizations, guides, books, or in one word – to an environment in which we can evolve. The more we focus on the idea of improving the environment and try to apply it in our lives; more possibilities will open as to realize it. When our environment will be comprised of people whom are also drawn to achieve social balance, we can get an example form them, encouragement and strengthening. They will understand that we want to treat them with love, and will allow us to learn how to do it.


As more and more people start acting toward a just relationship between humans, their action will become to be the public opinion, and public opinion will have affected everyone else. Due to the internal connection between all of us, every person in the world, even in the most remote locations, will immediately begin to feel that he is connected to all human beings – he depends in them and they depends in him.


We cannot change ourselves directly, but we have the power to improve our environment. We are certainly capable of that. When the environmental impact on us changes, we change. The environment is the crane lifting us to a higher level. An individual investing its power in choosing and creating the right environment required for its development can realize its potential through it. The understanding of this principle and its implementation requires a high level of awareness, but it seems that nowadays many of us are already there.

As we join together, forming networks of human concern about the future, we will find the strength and wisdom needed to create a better future for all.

Raising humanity on a new path

It all starts with YOU!


With playful regards,