8 Heat Pack Application Health Tips


Here are 8 easy and useful applications for heat packs you can do at home!

Remember, a moist heat pack that’s warmed in hot water or microwaved may cause burns on the skin, and must be used with caution!  Always test the temperature and put a towel or cloth over the skin to avoid burns.  What feels warm to the touch may in fact be extremely hot to other parts of the body!

1) Ease Eye Fatigue:  A warming pack placed around the eyes can invigorate blood flow and ease the fatigue of eyes from overuse and dryness.  It can also improve and clear your vision! (Note: The eyelids are extremely thin and sensitive, use caution and DO NOT place anything hot on your eyes)

2) General Wellness: As the ears are a microsystem of the anatomical body, rubbing of the ears with a heat pack or warm towel will not only improve the Qi and blood circulation locally to improve hearing, it will also promote circulation systemically!

3) Improve Lightheadedness:  Placing a heat pack on the occipital region of the back of the head for a few minutes a day will stimulate the acupuncture points in the area and help to alleviate the symptoms of lightheadedness and dizziness.

4) Treat Stiff Neck: Minor stiff neck can be alleviated by applying a heat pack in the affected area, coupled with some gentle neck movements such as rotation, flexion, and extension.

5) Prevention and Treatment of Cervical Spondylosis: For early stage symptoms of cervical spondylosis such as stiff neck and pain, shoulder pain, limited range of motion and inability to fully turn your head, a heat pack can be placed in the neck region to alleviate those symptoms.  It can help to increase circulation and increase blood flow to the area, relieve muscle spasms and prevent cervical spondylosis.

6) Relieve Chronic Lumbar Pain: For mild chronic lumbar pain, applying a heat pack can help alleviate the symptoms.

7) Strains and Bruises: You can apply heat to an injured area a few days after the injury.  At this point inflammation has reduced and is now a good time to increase circulation to the area.

8) Alleviate Menstrual Cramps: Menstrual cramps, whether due to stasis or cold can be relieved with heat packs.  The heat can move blood, remedy stagnation and regulate qi and blood flow.