There are many assets we can have in life, one of them we don’t accumulate but it only runs out, and therefore it is the most valuable, you got it right it is our TIME.

There is a Jewish biblical idiom that says, “Buy a friend and make a Rabbi,”

Why buy a friend?

The answer is simple, as the only way to buy a friend is by spending mutual time together; it is about this quality time and good memories with our family and friends that make our life so wonderful and unique. It is about investing time rather than killing time!

In this era of connectivity what does this mean and How to better manage this at the SYSTEM level?

Well, imagine that we had to actually pay a virtual social coin for every friend we add (e.g. beyond a said number that proofs system dynamics.) Hold on, it is not only about paying, we also collect coins!

How to buy such social coins?

For example, by LIKE, SHARE and BUILD, so this means real gamification of the system. Add to this wishing a ‘Happy Birthday’ to a friend in our network, or a special LIKE to an NGO or making even more points by making a donation via the system, etc. likewise we become more conscious and responsible to all that we virtually do as virtual is actual life and it is about actual people – it is about me and you and generations to come!

How to measure how much you care?

Time – Individuals get credited for volunteering their time, in vivo (by attending and/or organizing real events) and in virtu (Virtual, e.g. by LIKE, SHARE and BUILD on Social Platform, voting for causes they care for etc.).

Information -Individuals get credited by the system (governments, businesses, and NGO’s) for their IP (Intellectual Property) and for their contribution in building the system and humanity’s knowledge pool.

Money – Individuals get credited for sharing and donating assets (monetary or nonmonetary assets).


Now, our social activity matters!

This is about real investment of our time that is being translated to actual social measured activity!!!

People should be proud that they give and not just how much they give. Small acts of altruism take us all the way to eternity.

One person that amends his attitude to others is making a difference in humanity as a whole. In fact, it is possible to draw the relationship between yourself and the rest of humanity: you and all mankind are in the same system, but others depend entirely in the way you interact with them. THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN YOUR HANDS.

With playful regards,



Link: The International Altruistic Acts index