Let us enjoy the story of LITTLE YELLOW DUCK – LOOKING FOR MOMMY 

One sunny morning little Yellow Duck together with his brothers and sisters followed their mother, taking a walk by the lake.

At one point the mother entered the water. One, two, three, four, five little Yellow Duck’s brothers and sisters jumped into the water right after her.

Little Yellow Duck didn’t know what to do, he just froze there on the spot. Seeing them swimming away to the other side of the lake he started to cry ‘Mommy, Mommy’ but neither his mother nor his brothers and sisters hear him.

Little Yellow Duck started to cry. “She should be near and probably return soon,” said the cow that was nearby.

“The forest’s goddess will protect you until your mother arrives,” said the goat seeing that little Yellow Duck keeps crying.

“You must be big and strong by now, I am sure you can stay a little while without your mother,” said the chicken.

One after the other the farm animals tried to cheer him up but Little Yellow Duck was afraid; “I lost my Mommy” he said and started to cry again until this very day.


Is this how you wish the story to end? Of course not!

Another version of the story tells that soon enough Mother Duck and his siblings returned and found Little Yellow Duck. Then they cheered him up and he jumped into the water and they all enjoyed a beautiful morning swim in the lake.



  • Don’t be afraid to jump into the water.
  • Everything you want is on the other side of fear.
  • Those who don’t jump will never fly.


By the author

From this story we learn that all farm animals tried to deliver little Yellow Duck the same message ‘Do Not Fear’ each in its own words and style trying to make him feel safe, but little Yellow Duck is confused; he doesn’t know who to believe, is it true that the forest’s goddess guards him, is his mother nearby, should he be strong and not be afraid? And maybe they are just lying to him, who to believe?  If he listens to each he can’t really see and hear that their message is the same – a message of love.

Same in life, we all have fears, how to find our way, fear of failure, fear of our destiny and fear of death. And there is always those that try to make us feel better, they share love with us, see, all religions in their own unique words and style tell us not to be afraid, same with family and friends, when we are lost, confused and afraid, they all tell us in their own unique words and style, not to be afraid as LOVE is the answer to all fears.


THINK! When was the last time that you were afraid and felt lost? Who were your friends to make you feel better?

Yes, don’t forget to thank them for their love, as we need each other to win the day.



As we join together, forming networks of human concern about the future, we will find the strength and wisdom needed to create a better future for all.

Raising humanity on a new path

It all starts with YOU!

With playful regards,