How to define Creativity?


There are many ways we can define creativity, so what is it exactly?

Image: kingamela from the book ‘G -The Journey To Ludoland’

So you think you can better define CREATIVITY?
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So what is Creativity?
It can be telling a good joke; Writing a book; Painting; Composing a nice melody; Inventing; and also being a creative doctor, a creative lawyer, a creative engineer and also a creative parent.
I believe that there are people that were born creative and it can be seen in what they chose to be doing. So let me tell you something, most important is not the talent but HOW and IF we nurture it and HOW we FEEL when doing so.
I believe that creativity is embedded in every child and it is waiting to be freed, cultivated and utilized.
The fact is that we must understand how important it is to innovate in order to survive. It would make a good society as a whole.
My message to you is that we don’t need much to be creative; we can be inspired by everything around us and create new things all the time, as Boopy Sparrow likes to say “Imagination gives you wings” So let us fly, not only in imagination, toward a better tomorrow.

Image: Boopy Sparrow, with Capt. G from the book ‘G -The Journey To Ludoland’

With playful regards,