Tainan City, Taiwan – Three brothers, known as the Coolidge Brothers, are exploring Taiwan and sharing their travel experiences as YouTubers. There are a lot of YouTubers, bloggers and professional travelers with an online presence, but there is no one doing what these boys, known as the XJ2 Crew, are doing. 

Johan, age 15, Xander, age 11, and Jaden, age 9, are the sons of a family that live and work in Taiwan. The name XJ2 Crew comes from the first letters of the first names of the three boys. Traveling is a big part of their life, as they regularly explore different areas of Taiwan. Also, the kids, like many American children, are big fans of YouTubers. Thus, a travel show was created giving them their opportunity to be YouTubers doing what they enjoy the most… traveling. The English-language family-friendly show, “On The Road with the XJ2 Crew,” gives viewers a young person’s view of the sites and activities available on the island.

The show is produced by their father, who has created a web site (http://www.xj2crew.com), YouTube Channel, Facebook page, and blog to share videos, photos and stories of their experiences. Their videos include features, travel tips, and hotel reviews. He hopes they can attract viewership to share 

The first feature show (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFKsXqpFNFw) explores Tainan City, revealing a surpising diversity. Plans are in the works for feature shows in other cities in Taiwan, and showcasing other countries. The Coolidge Brothers also plan to visit the USA in the Summer of 2017 to film a Mandarin-language show introducing American travel experiences for a Chinese-speaking audience.

Contact information:
Tony Coolidge
E-mail: info@xj2crew.com


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