Vote for a Cause


What if we all could vote for causes we care for???

Voting has been used as a feature of democracy since the 6th century BC, when democracy was introduced by the Athenian democracy. Many of the oldest forms of electioneering are still relevant in the 21st century: the public meeting at the local school or town hall, door-to-door canvassing, advertisements in newspapers, and the use of eye-catching posters, hoardings and leaflets.

traditional systemsDemocratic nations strive for fairer votes and a better democracy. But one thing hasn’t changed. It is always people that are on the central stage whereas the causes we care for on the back stage. Why is that we need to trust someone in person to lead the change for us? Why can’t we first trust the system to care for us, and let our leaders to do their duty as being part of the system?

There must be a satisfactory way of aggregating the wishes of individuals into a policy for society as a whole. This after all is what our whole idea of democracy is based on. This can happen if we start vote for causes we care for. HOW???



Imagine a voting system, where we all vote for 5 social and environmental causes we care for and that all win. Knowing that most modern democracies use some form of multiple-winner voting system with the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom being notable exceptions, so this is no exception.

This can happen whereas the budget, the level of priority and timeline (length) for dealing with each cause are to be set from 1 to 5. Likewise the system serves the interest of all parties. That way, the cause to win most votes will be the first to deal with, receiving the most budget, whereas representors of all 5 causes must be part of related activities.

Those causes scale down win less of the votes, get their rewards (and eligibility to participate in future elections) based on their performance, participation and support of all the above causes.

Vote for a cause

Special note: This can be in addition to the traditional voting systems, so that the ruling party leads and manages the ‘Vote for a Cause’ campaign.


People vote for their leaders, even for the next arising stars in a TV talent show. What if I told you that now you can vote for a social cause.

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What should we do?

If we wish to create a real change in our lives, it should be in changing our relation to others from egoistic to altruist, we must bring ourselves to a state where we want to care in favor of others and the make sure this connection will be much greater than any other egoistic purpose.

This can happen only if the values of our society position altruism as a supreme value.

One of the ways to lead toward such a change in the system is by creating a voting system whereas people vote for causes as to solve our mutual problems.

We must begin to focus our minds that we are parts of one whole system that includes all human beings, and begin to treat others and the environment which we live in accordingly.

Wishing all other people to receive all the necessary for their existence, but beyond the widespread concern to welfare it is about concentrating your thoughts to raise the level of awareness of others.

You should desire that everyone will feel part of a single over whole system.

Raising humanity on a new path – It all starts with YOU!




the prince 1

“All humans wish for 2 things: Be Happy & be Healthy… One day the banana smiled at me so I had an idea!” said the prince with the banana smile.

Sharing this idea of ‘vote for a cause’ is being introduced on another planet far away. Read the story of THE PRINCE WITH THE BANANA SMILE and share with us your ‘banana smile’ and ideas for a change.

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