Densities in Taiwan!

Densities in Taiwan

Do you know what “densities” there are for which Taiwan is among the world leaders?

Densities in Taiwan

Density of drinks shops:

As of November 2022, Taiwan had over 28,000 drinks shops, with a hand-shaken drinks shop seemingly every few steps on city streets.

Densities in Taiwan

Density of convenience stores:

Taiwan has more than 13,000 convenience stores, with one for every 1,582 people according to a 2021 survey by Mirai Business, second in the world only to Korea’s 1,200 people.

Density of night markets:

There are more than 300 night markets in Taiwan, and two-thirds of townships have at least one, reflecting the Taiwanese passion for culinary culture.

Densities in Taiwan

Density of vegetarians:

According to a survey on the world vegetarian population, more than three million people in Taiwan are vegetarians, giving Taiwan the second highest percentage of vegetarians in the world. Moreover, the island has about 6,000 vegetarian restaurants, so that it has an excellent “vegetarian-friendly” environment that even attracts foreigners to come have a taste.

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Image and source:Taiwan Panorama